Oprah’s Best Life Ever Needs Real Honesty

So I sat through this excruciating hour listening to Oprah finally get “honest” with herself and her fans.  Well, at least she said she was going to be honest, but Oprah has totally missed the true honesty that she needs and her so called friends just embrace her bullcrap.  The excuse that Oprah has been touting after revealing that she has gained 40 pounds (did she really think nobody noticed) is that she had a thyroid problem that scared her and caused her to stop working out.  That’s total bullcrap and I’ll tell you why because I happen to know a thing or two about thyroid issues from both sides of the spectrum.  About five years ago, I was diagnosed with HYPERthyroidism which means my thyroid was causing everything to race in my body.  This was obviously not Oprah’s problem because she was gaining weight instead of losing weight.  I did indeed stop working out during this time because my resting heart rate was 120 which is twice as fast as it should be.  I was afraid I would have a heart-attack.  I underwent radioactive iodine treatment (yes, I did sing “I’m radioactive” for the three days that I was) to shrink my thyroid.  Thus I ended up HYPOthyroid and have to take synthetic thyroid hormone for the rest of my life.  Now this condition might have made her tired and caused her to gain weight when untreated, but it should not have scared her from working out.  She did get treated and said she is “cured”, so the weight should not be an issue right?  But there is another reason, according to Oprah, why she put on weight.

She claims that it is a love issue.  That she just doesn’t love herself enough and that all the money and fame mean nothing if “you can’t control your own being”.  Again, that whole premise is bullcrap and I know a thing or two about that as well.  I am an alcoholic who has been sober nine years now and I know that when you have an addiction, which Oprah clearly does to food, you and me needs to be taken out of the equation.  I am powerless to control myself.  I need something else to take control.  And that something else, Oprah has searched decades for and never found.  She can breathe all the blue light she wants and empower the me inside herself and she can learn “The Secret” and ask “Course in Miracles” guru Marianne Williamson, but none of those people or ideaologies can heal that emptiness inside.  No amount of therapy to overcome her abusive, incest and rape filled past can fill the void or heal the pain.  Only Jesus Christ can fill that hole and take the pain away and give Oprah the ability to truly love herself and overcome her food addiction.  But she still wants to find her own way. 

And so Oprah will diet down again and within a few years she’ll be back in this same place again.  It really is sad to see someone who appears to have so much really be so unhappy and empty.  Her trainer Bob Greene said that Oprah never learned to be happy.  Unfortunately, we do not “learn” to be happy.  Happiness comes from an inner joy that only comes through faith in the one true and eternal God.  Oprah says she is putting herself back at the top of her priority list – she does not realize that is where she has been for decades: it’s all me, me ,me…She should try putting God there for a change.

So Oprah, this is from someone who was a huge fan of yours until about 15 years ago when you started pushing your bullcrap fake religion on the masses, love Jesus Christ and accept Him as your Lord and turn it over to Him and you will know peace and control and happiness.  And that will be no matter what the scale says your weight is.


4 responses to “Oprah’s Best Life Ever Needs Real Honesty

  1. Amen, sistah! The word the divine Ms O needs to embrace is “surrender” – that’s what it takes.

  2. Oprah, please, please, please give us a break already! We don’t want to hear about your
    weight anymore! Get over it in private and move on!

  3. Well stated! We have to become less, so that God may become more in our lives. She has yet to be willing to bow the knee….even though she talks a good game about it.

  4. ===========================================
    Religion is making-up a god to fit your definitions and image.

    Faith is listening to what God has already communicated, living according to God’s standards and being transformed through His power.

    The Oprah message is just another “religion” – a really nice man-made belief system having no bearing on God’s teachings.

    Jesus was the Prince of Peace and embodiment of God in flesh – able to feed thousands with nothing, heal the sick and bring the dead back to life. His message was simple; God is inviting you into His Kingdom. But people reject Him because they want religion “their way” instead of “God’s Way”

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