The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict In Gaza

In December the most recent cease-fire agreement between Israel and the Palestinians expired and HAMAS wasted no time in lobbing missiles at Israel once again.  In typical fashion, the international community has critcized Israel for returning fire and called the defensive retaliation “disproportionate”.  I for one support Israel and am glad that they have crossed over into Gaza and I pray that they finish this once and for all.  And what I mean by that is weakening HAMAS to such a degree that they can longer rule.  Quite possibly, Israel may need to occupy the Gaza Strip to try to get living conditions for the Palestinians back to some kind of livable standard.  I would hope that the Palestinians would realize that the choice of HAMAS for leadership was horrible and will pick a new kind of leadership that does not embrace terrorism.  Perhaps FATAH which governs the West Bank could take over in Gaza as well.  There really are no easy answers, but Israel just sitting back and allowing their country and citizens to be attacked is not an option.

Some pictures taken at a protest in NYC I think capture the essence of this conflict and I have chosen two to post here.  H/T to Atlas Shrugs and the Silent Majority.

This is the lie.

This is the lie.

This is the truth.

This is the truth.


2 responses to “The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict In Gaza

  1. Nice to see something pro Israel out here–thanks!!!

  2. couldn’t agree more – that bottom picture says it all…

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