Focus On The Family Taking Heat For Glenn Beck Interview

Recently, Focus On The Family (FOF) conducted an interview with talk show host Glenn Beck about his recently published book “The Christmas Sweater”.  Apparently FOF did not inform readers that Glenn Beck is a Mormon and a bit of an uproar ensued and FOF took the interview down from their CitizenLink website.  The group Underground Apologetics headed by Steve McConkey was the first to point out the issue and contact FOF.  It may surprise many to hear that I think FOF is out of line for taking the interview down.

Some may say that I have a Glenn Beck bias since I adore the man, but that is not the case.  Years ago when I first started listening to Glenn I thought that he was a Christian based on the things he said about Jesus.  I was quite shocked the day I heard him say he was a Mormon and I was torn because I have long been involved in countercult activities.  I do not know the heart of Glenn Beck and I do not know that he has a saving faith in Christ, but everything he says convinces me that he could be.  There can be unsaved in churches and I believe there can be saved in the Mormon church.  I don’t know if he still clings to things from his early Catholic faith and has mixed the two or that he does not really know the ins and outs of Mormonism.  What I do know is that he does not preach Mormonism and that the book “The Christmas Sweater” does not have a Mormon message, unlike such books as “Embraced by the Light.”  For that reason, I see no problem with FOF promoting the book.  They simply should have added that Glenn is a Mormon and kept the interview up. 

Anyone who declares Christ as the Atonement and Salvation is okay in my book even if I think he is in a misguided church/faith.  And until he tries to promote Mormonism then I will support him in his endeavors.


One response to “Focus On The Family Taking Heat For Glenn Beck Interview

  1. Well, as I’ve recently just discovered, it’s not okay for conservatives or anyone who is religious to declare that something may be “right” or “wrong.” They’re being judgemental. However, liberals and/or atheists can make judgments and absolute statements all day long and still somehow claim “openmindedness” and “tolerance.” Because they have declared a monoploy on such things. Yes, I’m venting. Sorry.

    I agree with you. FOF probably should have left the interview up. Oh well…

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