Obama Uses Troops For Yet Another Photo Op

This summer while Obama was campaigning on his European Tour du Farce he scheduled a visit with some of the American troops stationed there.  Upon receiving news that the Pentagon would not allow cameras to go along on the visit for security reasons, Obama scrapped those plans and went to the gym instead.  Now while on holiday at what the press is now calling the “Obama Compound” (is that suppose to be like the Kennedy Compound) in Hawai’i, Obama took the opportunity to visit troops there during their Christmas dinner.  Obviously, cameras were in tow and all the networks are covering the story and running the photo op.  The problem for Obama is that this photo op has backfired because America was able to witness first-hand that the troops were less than welcoming.  They each stood politely when he came to their tables, but there was no fanfare or cheering.  And Obama looked visibly out of place and uncomfortable.  Surely he knows what the troops think of him. 

Pamela over at Atlas Shrugs pointed out the fact that Obama did not bother to make sure the troops votes were counted – most were not – while allowing ACORN to deliver votes from dead or non-existent people.  That would leave me less than thrilled to see him as well.  And they know that this was just a little photo op for the President-elect.  He did not even bother to fill up his own plate and sit down between a couple of these heroic and wonderful people and eat with them.  He is too good for that.  He ran back to the old “compound” were I’m sure a five star meal awaited him.  Eating with the troops is below “that one” aka The Elitist Politician Fraud.


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