Time For Another Boston Tea Party Perhaps?

On this date in 1773, an act of protest and defiance took place in Boston known today as the “Boston Tea Party”.  The history behind the Boston Tea Party started with the passage of the Stamp Act of 1765 and the Townshend Act in 1767.  This was done without representation for the colonists and they were pissed.  Several colonists protested, the most well known being John Hancock who had one of his ships seized by custom officials and he was charged with smuggling.  The charges were dropped, but Hancock faced other indictments later.  Hancock organized a boycott of tea sold by the British East India Company that came from China and the sales fell drastically so the British government passed the Tea Act which let the East India Company sell to the colonies directly without “payment of any customs or duties whatsoever” in Britain. The company was able to sell tea much lower than American merchants.  The merchants were very angered at the favored treatment of a major company who used lobbyists and had huge influence in Parliament. Protests took place in both Philadelphia and New York, but it was the protests in Boston that made their mark in history.   The colonists felt that the Tea Tax was Britain’s attempt to take away more of their freedom.  Sam Adams and wealthy smugglers and others who had profited from the smuggled tea called for agents that worked for the East India Company to give up their positions and were terrorized if they did not.  Sam Adams organized meetings and on the night of December 16 the protest meeting was the largest yet seen with an estimated 8,000 people were said to have tipped the tea. on a ship named the Dartmouth.  This act was said to have ingnited the sparks of The American Revolution.

Perhaps it is time for us to find a Boston Tea Party type of protest again as we watch our government act without representing the American people.  Bailouts of banks and major companies, raising of taxes and more government control takes away our freedom.  Even King George did not wield the kind of power that the US President now seems to enjoy.  And with Barack Obama at the helm, I can only imagine where we are going.


6 responses to “Time For Another Boston Tea Party Perhaps?

  1. I say it’s time for a TAX REVOLT. Stop paying taxes. This new administration is out of control and, if allowed will destroy the United States.

    Lets take our money back. Don’t pay any withholding’s until tax-time is due. You could change your w4 on April 16th and keep that money the gov’t wants until next year.

    This will be the only way we’re going to get their attention!

  2. Outstanding,,, So far with the author, Jim and myself, quick thats 3. They had 8000, we can’t get that many to Washington to bitch at one time.
    I have been saying for yrs that another tea party is due and all I hear is it will work out. My opinion is go to Washington and throw all there ass’s on the lawn.
    Take a look back at lets say the Superbowl, do you see how many people can gather to watch a GAME, 70,000 + at the game alone. They will sit and bitch with their friends and family or get into a shouting match at the local tavern with a total stranger about politics but will not commit to demanding change.
    Lets take another look at New Years, what a fine example. In Time Square alone over 1 million people gathered to bring in the new year and seek resolutions and change, but are not willing to gather in that number to DEMAND it. “WE THE PEOPLE” And that is what its gonna take
    I used to work for a small city as an operator for city maint. People would come to the curb and ask things like why are there always 2 guys in a truck, or why so much equipment for such small task, why do you just drive around and so on. I tried for 2 yrs to get 20 people to commit to a city hall meeting, just 20, with no success. They either had the grass to mow or out of town business, didn’t want to stir the soup, etc. I told them if at least 20 would stand up, I would put my job on the line and speak on their behalf and bring out the wasteful spending, NOT ONE. I didn’t live in the city so it really had nothing to do with me but the principle of it all. I seen that city waste$750 before 9:00 am, everyday and could not change it alone. It takes numbers to get anything done.
    Back to Tea, so what to do. I always have a full tank of gas, several clips of ammo and most of all, Motivation. We can’t say or threaten to overthrow our government but we can make ourselves heard and protect ourselves while doing it.
    We have the right to form a militia. Right now there are some out there dressed up in camo gear and not being heard
    And yes Jim, I would stop my taxes today.

    • Great thoughts Russ! It would be nice if people would do more than just sit around and bitch. They don’t even have to go to Washington – get on the phone and email. And a tax holiday we all join in together would wake them up. That doesn’t take any effort, just commitment.

  3. Thanks for comming in dsgawrsh. I am not sure about the phone or email thing but something NEEDS to be done. Here is another prime example of doing nothing or attempting to commit is this.
    When I found this site on Feb 3, 2009 I responded, and then I forwarded this site to everyone on my email list, nearly 100. 3 of which I know have about the same amount of contacts in there email accounts. ( You may be one of theirs??) Look at the response from people who are sick of giving their money away. We have 1, one, uno. Out of at least 300 possibly 1. This is the problem I have with the email system.
    A gun should not have to be put to someones head to fight for what is theirs.

    • I hate to deflate you Russ, but guess what, I’m the writer on this site so no one responded unless they looked but left no comments. Although based on my stats most people were looking at other postings.

  4. Jim Underwood,

    No, no, no! We shouldn’t have a tax revolt! That would just empower the government to crack down violently. What we need is a peaceful revolt that actually takes power away from government and in which the government has absolutely no ability to stop. A simple two step process would easily and quickly accomplish that. 1) Everyone should pay the taxes that they owe using the government’s money. 2) Everyone should barter to buy and sell using something other than government money, such as the bartering currency. This would remove all sales taxes from the system, etc., and there would be nothing the government could do about it because bartering is totally legal.

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