Homeland Security Chief Chertoff Can’t Even Keep Illegals Out Of His Home

I find it absolutely hilarious that Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff had illegal aliens working for him inside his home.  This guy is suppose to protect our borders and he cannot even protect his front door.  The irony of this all is two-fold.  The first bit of irony is that Michael Chertoff, I am sure, does not leave his front door wide open when he leaves for work each morning, but our borders are left wide open by him.  Either way his protection stinks.  And the second bit of irony is that Chertoff promised to crack down on companies hiring illegal aliens over a year ago and here we find him hiring one of those companies.  So instead of cracking down on them, he was paying them.

But that is not the best part of this story.  The really great part is that the Secret Service has been checking the IDs of employees entering Chertoff’s home every few weeks for four years and yet these workers all sailed right through.  The main reason that they missed the immigration status of the workers is that the Secret Service only checked criminal records.  What a bunch of meatheads!  I would think immigration status would be pretty important when dealing with the Homeland Security boss.  But it just goes to show that the government really does not care at their core who is coming into this country, nor what those illegals are up to.  I’m pretty sure that entering this country illegally is still a crime, but I could be wrong when it comes to King George – that’s what I’m calling the President until he leaves office which cannot come soon enough.  I’m not sure who will end up worse for the country, King George or Dictator Obama.  I think they’ll both have the same effect. 

I’m sure hoping Janet Napalitano has checked out her cleaning ladies to make sure they are on the up and up, but with her border record I’m not holding my breathe.


2 responses to “Homeland Security Chief Chertoff Can’t Even Keep Illegals Out Of His Home

  1. Pretty hilarious stuff – his illegals sneaked in on me too – i had no idea what Chertoff was up to – thanks for the heads-up! Must be one of Bush’s heck-of-a jobs.

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