Senate Republicans Better Stick To Their Guns

The Senate Republicans have a chance to win back their backbones and they better take advantage of it.  Last night, the House passed a $14 billion bailout for the auto industry.  Every one who has half a brain knows that this is just a drop in the bucket of what the auto industry really needs and that they will be back if this bailout goes through.  But Pelosi may have jumped the gun here before making sure the Senate would go along with the plan.  The Senate Republicans finally found their cojones.  Despite Vice President Dick Cheney coming over and trying to strong arm the Republicans into voting for the bill, Senators like Shelby are sticking to their guns and sent him packing.  I’m calling my Senators to make sure they stick to their guns as well or in the case of Democrat Nelson, that he doesn’t support the bill with the other Democrats.

The auto industry needs to go the route of the airlines and go bankrupt.  The unions will not get off their backs if they don’t go bankrupt.  Any concessions that the unions had been floating last week were just a bunch of bunk because they gave nothing.  And why should they if their friends – the Democrats – bail them out?  This is the chance for the Republicans to re-build and they must if they want to survive and get the support of conservatives back.

UPDATE:  Bravo to the Republicans for sinking this bill.  The Auto Workers’ Union is not happy because the Senate Republicans told them they needed to get rid of their contracts and cut workers’ pay back to the levels that foreign car companies are paying.  Although I disagree with the government telling companies what to pay, the unions definately need to be put in their place and workers need to wake up.  What good is it for the union to get you big pay and stick to their guns if the company you work for goes under?  And would somebody tell Harry Reid to shutup!  Why do the Democrats have such irritating talkers as their leaders?


2 responses to “Senate Republicans Better Stick To Their Guns

  1. One bailout will just lead to another, as we are already seeing. The unions are a very big part of the entire mess. I hope that someone puts the brakes on all this bailout fever.

    • I think it is way too late even if they stopped bailing out any more banks or companies. They started the wheels rolling just like they wanted and there will be no going back. Now the Federal Reserve is lending just like the Treasury against debt – so much for the Constitution.

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