Disney Not So Magical At Christmas

Think that the Disney company is above laying people off at Christmas time?  Think again.  The Mouse is feeling the pangs of the economic downturn just like the rest of the country despite the fact that the Parks here in Florida are as crowded as ever.  I’m not sure if recent cuts and changes are in preparation of a lean year coming or if there really are financial problems at Disney.  But in my humble opinion, the cuts they are making are illogical and just plain ignorant.

The Fantasmic show that used to take place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on a nightly basis has been drastically cut back to only two nights a week.  The show has always been packed when I go, so it is incomprehendable why this cut back was made.  The character dining at the Liberty Tree Tavern is gone which I find upsetting since Goofy ran the show there and he is my favorite, thus the inspiration behind my screen name:  ds are my initials and gawrsh is Goofy’s favorite saying (you know like “Gosh!’).

And now one of my favorite acts is gone at the Polynesian Resort.  The Hawaiian guitar player and singer has been laid off – three weeks before Christmas.  I find it hard to believe since he was one of the things that made the Polynesian unique.  And once a week hula dancers performed while he played as free entertainment for the guests.  Now there will be no more hula dancing performances either.  I am stumped at some of these cuts.  Are the higher ups taking any less pay?  It is the same thing with all these companies.  Step on the employees while the higher ups enjoy the big money.  I am a big time capitalist and believe in companies paying what they want to CEOs and the like, but in hard economic times, perhaps they should give a little as well.  Do you want the company to stay afloat or not?

The idea that Disney is letting people in for free this next year on their birthdays is a great idea!  Perhaps more ideas along those lines will generate revenue.  I can tell you one thing Disney can do – stop with all the building projects.  They have all these Disney Vacation Clubs that they are either building now or will be building and I’m wondering if they bit off too much there.  How many people are going to be buying into a vacation plan when they can’t even pay for their own home?  Disney needs to reconsider what they are doing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Disney and am an annual pass holder who visits at least once a week.  Whenever people come to visit that is where I take them.  But some of the magic of Disney is fading for me when I watch the company that Walt built start to behave the way every other company in America does.


One response to “Disney Not So Magical At Christmas

  1. Disney has changed so much over the years that I seriously wonder if Walt would even recognize the operation any longer.

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