Glenn Beck’s Book Signing In Orlando

100_8472Glenn Beck was in town for two performances of his new show “The Christmas Sweater” and he made a swing through Orlando last night for a book signing which I gleefully attended.  I got there two hours ahead of time and I was already number 145 in line.  By the time Glenn Beck was in the building, the queue line was snaking throughout the entire Barnes & Noble.  There had to have been over 500 people there.  I read through the early portion of Glenn’s book “The Christmas Sweater” while I waited and so far it is wonderful and I highly recommend it to everybody – it is not political.


glenn-beckIt only took about 30 minutes for it to be my turn to meet Glenn and get my book signed.  A sign near the queue informed us that Glenn would not be shaking hands giving various reasons in his usual humorous way: He didn’t want to catch an infectious disease, he didn’t want to give an infectious disease or he fell down a flight of stairs and the doctor said not to.  The last one is the actual reason.  As you can see from the picture, I happened to be an exception to the rule.  I had all these great things I wanted to say to him, but I just stood there dumbfounded looking at his hand in disbelief that he wanted to shake my hand.  I only managed to say, “Thanks Glenn” as I shook his hand overjoyed because Glenn is one of my heroes and the inspiration for this blog.  I started it because of him.

So if I wasn’t star-struck and feeling hurried since so many people needed their books signed too, I would have said, “Glenn thank you so much for what you do.  Thank you for helping me not feel like I’m nuts for seeing the same things happening in this country as you do.  I started a political blog thanks to you suggesting that we get out there and inform people.  Because of you, I have driven my family and friends crazy with emails.  Thank your family for sharing you with us.  Glenn, you are one of my heroes and I consider you my brother from another mother.  I love you, man.”

But I just smiled like a dimwit and probably gave him some stupid dopey look when he reached for my hand.  If you haven’t read this book yet – do it and share it with your family!


2 responses to “Glenn Beck’s Book Signing In Orlando

  1. Loved your response to GB in person! I feel the same way about him, as you do, and often wondered what I would be able to say in a snippet of time. I admire you for starting the blog, being inspired by him and I faithfully read your comments. They are astute and well written. Keep that light shining….it is reaching others.

  2. I saw him live in orlando he was in a rush but he is a nice guy i wish him the best and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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