Senator Mel Martinez Is Derelict In His Duties Regarding Obama’s Eligibility

It has made national news that my senator in Florida, Mel Martinez, is retiring because Jeb Bush’s name has been thrown in the hat of possible future candidates for the position.  I could not be happier to see Senator Martinez retire.  He claims he wants to spend more time with family, but the truth is that polls show he wouldn’t win re-election and his approval ratings stink.  He is a RINO who has opposed off-shore drilling and is all about amnesty even though he ran on an anti-amnesty stand.  And now I have a beef with him because he’s a wimp like most of the people in Congress. 

As most people in the blogosphere know, the issue of Barack Obama’s Constitutional eligibility is still in question.  Tomorrow Leo Donofrio’s case about Obama being a British citizen at birth because of his father comes up before the Supreme Court to see if they will hear the case.  It is questionable whether the courts have any Constitutional authority to rule on this case and so I have taken the route of contacting my senators because Congress seems to be the final battle ground for this issue.  I was hoping that Senator Martinez would bring up the issue, but alas he does not want to deal with this issue and now I know one of the reasons is because he is a short timer.  I don’t expect him to do anything of worth for the next two years.  Anyway, I thought I would go ahead and post his response to me (at least he gave me one, my other senator has not).

Below is a response to the recent comments I received from you:

Dear Ms. Student:

Thank you for contacting me regarding President-Elect Obama’s citizenship. I appreciate hearing from you and would like to respond to your concerns.

Like you, I believe that our federal government has the responsibility to make certain that the Constitution of the United States is not compromised. We must fight to uphold our Constitution through our courts and political processes.

Article II of the Constitution provides that “no Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.” The Constitution, however, does not specify how that qualification for office is to be enforced. As you may know, a voter recently raised this issue before a federal court in Pennsylvania. On October 24, 2008, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania released an order in the case of Berg v.Obama.In that case, the plaintiff, Phillip Berg, raised the same issue that your letter raises regarding proof of the President-Elect’s birthplace. Through his lawsuit, Mr. Berg sought to compel President-Elect Obama to produce a certified copy of his birth certificate.

The District Court dismissed Mr. Berg’s suit and held that the question of Obama’s citizenship is not a matter for a court to decide. The court further noted that voters, not courts, should decide whether a particular presidential candidate is qualified to hold office.

Presidential candidates are vetted by voters at least twice – first in the primary elections and again in the general election. President-Elect Obama won the Democratic Party’s nomination after one of the most fiercely contested presidential primaries in American history. And, he has now been duly elected by the majority of voters in the United States. Throughout both the primary and general election, concerns about Mr. Obama’s birthplace were raised. The voters have made clear their view that Mr. Obama meets the qualifications to hold the office of President.

After he is sworn into office, Mr. Obama will be our nation’s President and I intend to bestow upon him the honor and respect due any man who holds that Office. Yet, I am certain that there will be times when I will disagree and oppose President Obama’s policies. When that happens, you can be assured that I will pursue vigorously what I believe to be in the best interest of Florida and the nation.

I thank you for sharing your views with me and will keep your concerns in mind. If you have additional questions or comments, please contact me. For more information about issues and activities important to Florida, please sign up for my weekly newsletter at


Mel Martinez
United States Senator

Senator Martinez obviously doesn’t realize that the Congress has the final duty in vetting the President-elect.  If they do not, then we really cannot count on our government.  I already realize that, but how sad to see how far our country has fallen from founding principles.  The Founding Fathers did not want foreign citizens running this country because of their lack of loyalty.  We already know that Obama considers himself a “citizen of the world”, not America.  Quite possibly, he is not a natural born citizen of America either.


3 responses to “Senator Mel Martinez Is Derelict In His Duties Regarding Obama’s Eligibility

  1. Senator Martinez doesn’t get anything. He is a open border kind of guy so that should tell you something…..I wasted my vote on him. The sooner he leaves office the better for all concerned.

  2. It is apparent that he couldn’t dazzle you with the brilliance of his arguments, and he knows that. So? He attempts to baffle you with bovine feces.

    Hate to inform the good Senator, but we do not live in a democracy “vetted by voters ” but in a Constitutional Republic. That is why we have a Bill of Rights. His argument falls on it’s face right there. If not, then we are now a nation of men, and not of laws. Get ready for mob rule. That is, if the Supreme Court does their usual stunt of not really taking on a tough issue.

  3. Were doomed. Great post!

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