This Year’s Perfect Christmas Gift – An Abortion

Why worry about all those long lines at the store and stampeding herds of bargain-shoppers who don’t think twice about trampling store employees to death, when you can get the perfect gift from Indiana’s Planned Parenthood – a gift certificate for an abortion.  There is no worry about sizes and colors either which causes so many men such extreme stress every Christmas.  Just log on to the Indiana Planned Parenthood website and you can purchase gift certificates in $25 increments.  If only this were a joke.

Of course, Planned Parenthood is claiming that these gift certificates are a great idea because they can be used towards much needed medical exams that many women put off due to prohibitive costs.  Betty Cockrum is the CEO of the Indiana Planned Parenthood  and had this to say, “Birth control is the best way to avoid unintended pregnancy. Avoiding unintended pregnancy is the best way to reduce abortion rates.”  That is so deep, this woman is a real thinker.  Less unwanted pregnancies make for less abortions?  And really, don’t you just love that she believes birth control is the best way to keep from having an “unintended” pregnancy?  How about abstinance?  And I’m sick to death of the “unwanted/unintended” crap!  If you pull down your pants and let him go then there is nothing unintended going on.

The Indiana Health Commissioner Dr. Judy Monroe applauded the idea, calling it “really a meaningful gift.”  Can you imagine giving these gift certificates to anyone you know, particularly a family member?  Wow, that really took alot of thought and just means so much, thanks Aunt… This is where we have come in this society.  Life means nothing.  Whether it is ripping the doors off a Wal-Mart and trampling a human being for a deal or murdering a precious innocent unborn baby because it will be too hard or get in the way or as Obama says “being punished with a baby”, life has come to mean so very little in America. 

Perhaps this season we should all take a moment to reflect not just on the reason for the season – Jesus Christ – but what He came to offer – life.


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