Oh Joy, Hillary Clinton Accepts Secretary Of State Position

The record number of changes coming from the Obama Transition Team thus far give me real reason for hope…er, perhaps I shouldn’t feel so gleeful at this time seeing as how our country has become a run away train heading straight for the Marxism station.  But I do feel a little giddy.  Is it some sick satisfaction in knowing that Barack Obama’s true colors are showing?  Can the Obama disciples still be thinking, “Yes we can,” as they see the string of rethreads being positioned into place in an Obama administration?  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  The Obama administration is looking rather insane at the moment.  And that sick part of me is looking forward to all the material the next four years will bring to inspire my thoughts.  And yet…beneath that false sense of giddyness is a knowing that the last few nails in America’s coffin are in place.  The programs that are coming will be hard to reverse.  Most of FDR’s crap is still around.  The Obama disciples will someday be able to say, “Yes we did,” but there will be no pride about that fact because they will realize what they have done.

The disciples should already be waking up, not just because of the choices Obama has made for his administration, but from the fact that his team is now trying to downplay all the promises Obama made during the campaign.  The team is now saying that it could take up to 5 years to get this economy back on track.  But I thought the Messiah could do anything and that everything would just get better from now on.  I mean the oceans were going to fall back and the world was going to heal.  Obama said these very things and now he wants everyone to know that he just cannot do it.  I mean this is the worst time this country has ever seen according to Obama and his team.  Really?  Well, they like to compare Obama to Lincoln and I’m pretty sure Lincoln saw this country through its worst time.  And Reagan sure had it good following on the heels of Jimmy Carter,eh?  You cannot downplay yourself, Obama.  We conservatives are going to hold your feet to the fire and point it out everytime one of your promises falls through or you do the opposite – like raising taxes.

So yeah, I’m getting out the party favors…and dressing in black.


2 responses to “Oh Joy, Hillary Clinton Accepts Secretary Of State Position

  1. I convinced myself that it would be okay. My friends at church kept reminding me not to be hateful towards our leader-elect the way the Dems were to Bush and I bit my tongue and kept my mouth shut. But Hitlery as Secy of State really worries me. I can’t see her being dignified like Condi has been – I see her as taking all the freebies offered her and giving us up to the highest bidder. It is all about her agenda, not ours. Now I just want to go to bed and pull up the covers for the next 4 years…

  2. Linda, I’m not sure if this was a move to keep your enemies close for Obama, but he must be insane. Can anyone see her following Obama’s demands? And I’m sure her screeching will win the respect of world leaders everywhere. At least this probably means she won’t be running for president in 2012.

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