Where Oh Where Is Obama?

The country is in a growing crisis and I find myself asking where the messiah is in this whole mess.  Yeah, yeah he wants to just have one president working at a time, but this crisis seems to scream for some kind of action other than slipping out names of new cabinet members – most of which have the country scratching their heads wondering if this is Clinton’s 3rd term and the “change” that Obama promised.  Obama seems to want to be like Bill Clinton because he thinks that Clinton had such a wonderful presidency.  Forget the fact that promised tax cuts became tax increases (Obama promised the same thing), that women other than Billy’s wife were fondled and raped, that the 9/11 terrorists were preparing and training in our country, that Osama Bin Laden was allowed to get away, America became known as a “Paper Tiger” and most importantly, Clinton got to ride in on Reagan’s wave which set him up nicely.  Obama is riding in on a recession wave.

So where are you, Obama?  Don’t you want to come out and say something that might give the stock market a boost or give Americans a reason to believe the economy is going to get better.  Surely you don’t want this crisis to continue or see it as a wonderful thing or do you…

Rahm Emanuel was a featured speaker at the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council: Shaping A New Agenda on Tuesday, November 18th.  Here are some of his remarks and the fact that he is President-elect Obama’s Chief of Staff, I believe that this is what Obama thinks as well.  “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.  What I mean by that, is it is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.  I think America as a whole in 1973 and 1974 – and that’s just my view but I was in the administration – missed the opportunity to deal with the energy crisis that was before us.  For a long time our entire energy policy came down to cheap oil.  This is an opportunity, what used to be long term problems be they in the health care area, energy area, education area, fiscal area, tax area, regulatory reform area, things we had postponed for too long that were long term are now immediate and must be dealt with.  And this crisis provides an opportunity for us, as I would say, the opportunity to do things that you could not do before.  The good news, I suppose if you want to see a silver lining, is the problems are big enough that they lend themselves to ideas from both parties for the solution…In the area of taxes, fairness as well as simplicity [is the solution].”

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that adversity is always a great time for growth.  The problem with what Rahm Emanuel has said here is the person who said it and the man he works for.  There is no doubt that the Obama adminstration will be working towards Marxism in America.  And this kind of crisis gives them that opportunity to make the socialistic changes they want right under the noses of the people because the people will be begging the government to help them.  They already are whether they are poor or rich CEOs flying in their private jets to beg for money.  Obama has promised the world and can only deliver on that with Marxist ideas.  The economy will of course continue to crumble, but it will be hidden beneath all the “perks” of fairness that Obama will be offering.  And the buffoons that now make up 53% of the population will go for this.  (And yes, they are buffoons just head here for the details.)  Those who know history know where socialistic techniques leave this country.  During Roosevelt’s crisis, the Great Depression, he employed The New Deal which left this country struggling through a depression seven more years than necessary.  And those great New Deal plans, where have they left us today?  Our money is stolen to put into bankrupt trustfunds named Social Security and Medicare.  The SEC was formed and my what a good job they have done when it came to this housing crisis.  Welfare recipients wallow on the rolls forever instead of moving forward.  They want to keep you there so you keep voting for them and their new programs.

And President-elect Obama keeps his mouth shut during this time because he wants this crisis to grow.  The bigger the better.  My God, what will he do in those first 100 days?  I’m going to put on my psychic hat and write on that subject here shortly.


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