Obama Covering Up Again – Change.gov Agenda Missing!

I was surfing around some of my favorite spots on the blogosphere and hit my friend Kenny’s site and read this.  Kenny noticed that the Obama team has pulled the agenda information off his site.  There were lots of areas to click on with specific ideas and pages and pages of programs.  Luckily, Kenny and his friends captured pages from Googles cache.  I also copied and pasted and commented on alot of specific items before this happened.  It was mind-blowing to head over to change.gov and see so little there.  So much for transparency.  Some may argue that pages were taken down to update, but that is a farce seeing as how each item could have been specifically re-done without taking everything down.  And if these plans are being changed – what are they being changed to?


One response to “Obama Covering Up Again – Change.gov Agenda Missing!

  1. Thanks for the link and the comment on my site.
    I thought it was important to hold onto the old info so we can see how the ‘agenda’ changes over time.

    I must also apologize. A while back I had a computer crash and lost a lot of bookmarks, including yours. Your comment got it back and so I’ve added it to my blog list so it won’t happen again.

    Take care and thanks again.

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