Freedom Of Speech Goes Down Again

I found this video of an incident that took place in Philadelphia last Tuesday after Obama’s victory.  Can someone tell me what the McCain supporter did to warrant arrest?  Standing on a public sidewalk wearing a McCain/Palin T-shirt appears to be an arrestable offense now.  But even scarier to me are the throngs surrounding this guy chanting “Obama” and cheering his arrest. 


5 responses to “Freedom Of Speech Goes Down Again

  1. Son of Bill Brasky

    Why doesn’t the video show anything prior to the police talking to him? Arguing with the police in crowd control situation will ALWAYS result like this.

    My guess is you made this “free speech” post because of his McCain shirt.. how about the people that have been arrested protesting the Iraq War?.. is their free speech any less important?

    How about those arrested at the RNC? Including a dozen media members covering the protests.. Isn’t that a violation of Free Speech?

  2. Hey, I agree with you Son of Bill. As long as you are not blocking traffic and being disorderly I believe you should be able to protest to your hearts content. That is what freedom of speech is all about. I support liberal whackos doing their protests because I want the same ability.

  3. The liberals have been insisting that protest and dissention is patriotic. It seems that now, since the chosen one has been elected, they no longer think so. Now they are insisting on the loyalty of the opposition. Hmmm…loyal opposition…now there’s a contradiction of terms if you ask me. I will continue to protest this man’s election. I protest the very fact that he was considered to even be eligible for nomination, let alone be elected. This man and his cronies are nothing more than dubious scoundrels. Liars and thieves of the lowest order and I disapprove of their very existence.

  4. You know what has really been bugging me, John, are these conservative radio guys like Sean Hannity that are saying that they are hoping for a successful presidency for Obama because the country needs that. But these guys never specify what success means. Sure, I want the economy back on track, but Obama’s idea of a successful presidency is very different then mine. If he has complete success, we’ll be well on our way to Marxism or more likely, Communism.

  5. Yep, it’s bugging me, too. In fact it’s disturbing me. You’re absolutely correct. I think I know why they make such remarks but I’m having some difficulty agreeing with them and coming over to that way of thinking. I definitely do not – I can not – wish or hope for a successful Obama presidency. A successful America and a successful Obama are two very different things. As far as I am concerned one is diametrically opposed to the other.

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