The Fall Of The Berlin Wall – Freedom Going In Or Communism Coming Out?

One of the singular greatest moments of my lifetime – I’m thirtish – was the Berlin Wall coming down.  I actually own a piece of the wall to remind me of the accomplishment of that day.  I have always believed that on that day, freedom took down that wall and broke through the Iron Curtain.  On that day, I believed, the Soviet Union crumbled to never return.  But upon further reflection I have begun to consider the idea that I was mistaken.  I have watched Russia over the years slowly slide backward towards a Lenin/Stalin past.  I have watched the former president Vladimir Putin manipulate to become a cult of personality much like Joseph Stalin.  Putin stepped aside to take the position of Prime Minister, but it was a farce.  He now intends to recapture the presidency. 

Russia has been flexing her muscles militarily as well.  Just two days ago, President Medvedev decided to shift some missiles around in a threatening manner towards Poland.  A couple of months ago, Russian troops wandered into Georgia to test the waters.  That test may have been innocuous to see what world reaction would be or more probable, to test some old weaponry.  We know that Russia has been supplying Iran with weapons and possibly nuclear capabilities from as far back as 2005.  Russia and Venezuela have become fast friends as well with the two countries coordinating energy policies in July and a planned joint military exercise scheduled for November.  Russia plans to move naval anti-sub aircraft to a Venezuelan air field as well.  The Marxist group FARC in Colombia has also been rumored to be working with Russia.

And now here in America, we have watched as both parties in our government have walked progressively towards a socialistic state.  The government is now invested in housing, insurance, banks and the auto industry.  Stimulus checks appear to be something that the government will throw to the “peasants” to keep them quiet and happy.  We have a Marxist President-elect who’s plans for this country should scare any freedom-loving Capitalist to death.  I’ll be blogging about those plans shortly.

So indeed, I wonder if freedom broke through the Iron Curtain or if Marxism and Socialism and Communism (which are all different degrees of the same thing) were being unleashed.  I’m loathe to admit that I think it was the latter.


One response to “The Fall Of The Berlin Wall – Freedom Going In Or Communism Coming Out?

  1. I am just wondering how long before we are supposed to spell it Amerika…

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