The Liberal Media Starts To Come Clean On Obama

Public Broadcasting’s Charlie Rose has gotten several members of the biased liberal media to come clean on President-elect Barack Obama.  First there was an interview Rose conducted with Tom Brokaw a couple of days ago.  During that interview, Brokaw admitted, “We don’t know alot about Barack Obama and the universe of his thinking about foreign policy.”  Charlie Rose then asked, “What do we know about the heroes of Barack Obama?”  Again Brokaw has to admit, “There’s alot about him we don’t know.”  The truth is that we do know about Barack Obama thanks to responsible journalists, conservative talkers and bloggers.  The biased media just did not want to “see” who Obama really is and have covered up many things.  I expect more of that to come out in the next few weeks just like this:

This is an interview from yesterday that is long, but if you fast forward to the middle you will view Jon Meacham and Evan Thomas of Newsweek admit things about Obama like the fact that he is “deeply manipulative” and that it was “creepy that Obama was on the victory stage by himself” as he gave his speech.  Biden was nowhere to be seen.  No adoring wife or cute kids by his side.  He wanted this to be a singular moment entirely focused on him.  Both men agreed that Obama seemed to be watching the media watching him.  Evan Thomas mentions Saul Alinsky, of all people, towards the beginning of the interivew as well.  Both men also pointed out that Obama admitted that the creature he has designed may not be a real person.  In his memoir, Audacity of Hope, Obama says he is “a screen upon which people can project their visions, their hopes.”  He has constructed what he thinks America is seeking. 

Wait until more scales fall from the eyes of the media and the Obamaites.  They are in for a rude awakening – we tried to tell them.


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