The Future America Has Chosen

Election results have been coming in for almost three hours now and it does not appear to be good news for the future of America.  So far, the senate has gained four more seats in the Democrat column as they move towards a philibuster proof majority.  Barack Obama is winning the states that John McCain had to win which includes my state of Florida.  So tomorrow I expect to awaken to a new red country and not Republican red.  It is high time that the parties switch colors because it is obvious that the socialist leftists have taken control of the Democrat party.  So what does the future hold?

Congressman Jim Moran gave us a taste as this statement from him came across the airwaves today:

“Now in the last seven years we have had the highest corporate profit ever in American history. Highest corporate profit! We’ve had the highest productivity! The American worker has produced more per person at any time, but it hasn’t been shared, and that’s the problem because we have been guided by a republican administration who believes in this simplistic notion that people who have wealth are entitled to keep it and they have an antipathy towards the means of redistributing wealth.”

So an American future is one in which productivity is punished.  How dare the American worker work hard and not share the wealth they accumulate.  The new American way will be to live off those who are dumb enough to work hard.  We also have a Fairness Doctrine to look forward to that promises to squelch any dissent.  Americans will believe that everything is rosy and great or pay the price.  Have any of you seen the Disney movie Wall-E?  If not, I advise that you see it as soon as it becomes available this month because that is the future of America.  Not the pollution and trash part, but the part where everyone is kept fat and happy and distracted so that they are oblivious to the fact that they are being controlled and are all the same.  They are no longer free.

If there are any silver linings to an Obama win and a Democrat majority they are these: 1.  Republicans can’t be blamed for a thing because it will all be in the hands of the Democrats and we already know they’ll screw crap up if they get anything done at all (perhaps an approval rate even lower than their low of 9%). 2.  I’m going to have so much material to write on.  What in the world will the liberal blogs do?  I guess just cheerlead over in the corner until… 3.  We all know Obama will not be able to do what the people expect him to do and that is pay all their bills as that woman in Florida believes.  The country will bankrupt and crash worst than in the Depression.  Obama’s plans guarantee that result.  So then the liberal blogs will have to be critical because the messiah will be tarnished and they won’t be happy.  The people will realize that the Democrats have never been about them.  They want the poor to stay that way so they keep voting Democrat because the Democrats promise to help them.  They just won’t open their eyes and see that the Democrats use them as they fly in their private planes and buy their multi-million dollar homes.

So America, you’ve made your bed and now you get to lie in it.  I look forward to years of “I told you so”…no wait, I don’t look forward to it because that means America is destroyed.  I won’t have any pleasure in that because I honestly love this country.  I just wish the overwhelming majority did, but it was more important to them to have a black president and to grow government to take care of them and to have “change” no matter what that change may be.

I honestly cannot believe that this day has come.


My immediate plans include purchasing a gun before I no longer have the right or they are taxed beyond my ability to pay.  About half of the money I make in my business is cash.  I’ve always been very honest when it comes to tax time, but now I’m thinking that cash can’t be traced so my income is going down, down, down because I won’t allow the Democrats to take what is mine to throw away on their worthless causes.  I will be investing more heavily in gold because the government has already trashed the dollar and I expect that to get worse.  I also plan to start stocking up on imperishable food.  Kind of like hurricane preparation only for a longer time.  In the words of my Saviour, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they have done.”


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