The Obamamercial – What A Crock!

Yes, I forced myself to watch Obama’s infomercial.  My bitterness washed away as the ad opened up with fields of grain (would that be amber waves of grain?).  I feel strangely at peace.  And then the stories started, but not before I noticed that Obama plopped himself on the side of a desk reminiscent of a desk that could be found in the oval office.  The windows behind the desk added even more to the fantastical idea of Obama giving a State of the Union address rather than a paid commercial.

First story was about a struggling family with a father that needed a surgery that was being put off because of finances.  Now before anyone calls me heartless, I know what it is like to struggle.  I know how hard medical expenses can be, but I’ve never expected – no make that WANTED -the government to help me out.  Obama says after the first sob story that we are in a hard economy and that the bottom falling out of this economy is a “final verdict on eight years of failed policy”.  He didn’t bother to mention that the housing crisis lies almost solely at the Democrats’ feet.  Then the infomercial presents the regular ad that has been running the last couple of days that repeats the falling level of middle-class as those making $200,000 or less.

Several times Obama says, “The government can’t do it all,” throughout the ad.  This appears to be his new mantra although he has spent nearly the last two years telling us how the government can solve all our woes.  And I’m not fooled because I know the underlying message here really is that the government will do it all.  He just wants to downplay those socialism rumors.  The governor of Kansas talks about Obama’s Kansas roots.  Hmm…could have sworn he was born (maybe) in Hawaii and raised there most of his life (except the stint in Indonesia).  Sounds like Kansas roots to me.

More sob stories, but none that mentions anyone like me: small business owner, works hard everyday, pays more than my fair share of taxes, responsible enough to buy medical insurance and life insurance – so my partner won’t be left struggling like the widow with two kids in the ad – rented apartments my entire life as I save for a big downpayment for a house (is the government going to buy me one since they are bailing out the irresponsible?), and I’m someone who paid back my debts to the tune of $38,000 in 3 years by working my ass off, trolling for aluminum cans and hosting a garage sale every weekend for an entire summer.  I’m sorry that I just can’t work up the sympathy for these people in these sob stories.

The infomercial continues with its bi-polar message:  The government can’t do everything for you and then presents stories that appear to tell us that we need the government to do everything for us.  I couldn’t make heads or tails out of what the point of any of these stories is suppose to be.  Everything is left open ended.  I guess so we can come to our own conclusions about the messiah and not blame him when he doesn’t fix crap.  Obama speaks admiringly of entrepeneurs while he plots their demise in higher taxes.  He tells us he will create 5 million new energy jobs in ten years.  Will he stop with the ten years – otherwise I’m going to start believing the conspiracy that he is going to change the rules so he can have more than two terms.  Then they show a tape of an event at which Obama said, “There’s no liberal America, there’s no conservative America, there is just a United States of America.”  Is this guy fooling anybody? Obama, you’re the most liberal Senator.  You’re so far left you embrace Marxism.  Don’t even talk about “no liberal America”.

Obama repeats one of his favorite sayings, “This is our time.”  That always gives me chills – the serial killer creeping down the hall kind of chills – when he says that.  Who is “our”?  It is certainly not me or any America loving conservative I know.  Oh my goodness, a supporter says he wants a president who is devoted to the Constitution.  Obama is not the man for him then.  Bill Richardson comes on now and thinks he’s a comedian.  Well, he made me laugh – what with lines like, “Obama can heal the country” and “Obama brings bi-partisanship”.

Then Obama promises he will open the doors of government – he actually meant the Treasury – so we’ll be involved in democracy.  Umm…I’m pretty sure the Constitution already says that, but you dimwits in Washington forgot that you work for us a long time ago. 

 I flipped on MSNBC because I couldn’t resist hearing what Chris Matthews would have to say and he delivered.  Olbermann asked what he thought about the ad and Chris says, “It was Hollywood…(I’m pretty sure he sighs here), it was romance…”  Good God, was he getting a tingle up his leg again?


2 responses to “The Obamamercial – What A Crock!

  1. I refuse to watch an infomercial that cost 3 million dollars. Our economy is shot. We have trillion of dollas in debt, but we have a presidential candidate that has spent an obscene amount of money in buying this election. I wonder how much the next election will cost – now that this one has set a multimillion (or is it billion?) record.

    Also, sincerely, who can sit through half an hour of infomercial????

  2. It wasn’t easy, Lila. I’ve said before that only the rich have any hope of being president because the amounts of money spent are obscene. And now Barack has started a whole new spending limit so we can expect more of the same. Buying elections – how American.

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