Michelle Obama Is Not One Of Us

In the above clip, Michelle Obama claims that she and Barack pay for all their own stuff.  Really?!  Would she swear on a Bible that of the over $600 million spent in this campaign that they have not used a dime?  I’m betting not.  And let’s keep in mind that when you make a million or more a year, it is pretty easy to make sure you have the kinds of clothes you need when running for a high level position.  Or maybe she wants us to believe that the pointing out that she is wearing J Crew wasn’t a planted arrangement or that Obama buys his suits at JC Penny.  And I know that the mainstream media didn’t cover this, but bloggers and the radio did – Michelle ordered lobsters and caviar at 4pm from a room in a fancy hotel earlier this month.  Is that like the rest of us?  Or maybe she and Barack are a couple of those rich people we are suppose to hate.

I also wanted to point out that in this appearance with Jay Leno in an earlier segment, Michelle said, “When your name is Barack Obama you are the underdog.”  Could we get off the race baiting crap already?  Obama is no underdog – he has lead the whole time supposedly.


2 responses to “Michelle Obama Is Not One Of Us

  1. You're not one of us.

    First of all, who is US? Is Cindy McCain US? Really? 7 houses? And for someone who espouses Christianity, you sure have a decent level of contempt for your fellow person. Are we not all children of God? This US THEM stuff and FEAR OF THE OTHER stuff isn’t going to fly this time. Time to lay fear to rest. Don’t you think our country is tired of being afraid all the time?

  2. You’re – I’m pretty sure it is Barack who says, “Now is our time.” Who the hell is “our”. See, you have had too much of the Kool-Aid also and think that Obama is not devisive. We should fear him and his Marxist plans. And I’m proud of Cindy McCain. Of course you focus on her 7 houses and not her charity work all over the world for decades and the fact she adopted a tossed aside orphan from another country. We are not all children of God – only if you have accepted Jesus Christ as the Messiah. I don’t have contempt for anyone – I’m merely shining a light on the truth.

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