LA Times Won’t Release Khalidi/Obama Tape

I really cannot understand how Obama supporters can be so blind.  Obama, yet again, finds himself associated with a less than desirable person.  This person is Rashid Khalidi.  I’ve actually mentioned him before, but did not go into great detail.  In the last couple of days news has broken that the LA Times is in possession of a tape documenting an event which both Obama and Khalidi attended.  It was actually no ordinary event.  In was a celebratory farewell in honor of Rashid Khalidi.  Obama not only attended, but gave a special tribute to Khalidi in which he reminisced about eating meals at the Khalidi home and discussions they had.  So obviously Khalidi is not only an associate, but a friend.  Which in reality is what all of Obama’s nefarious associates are: friends.

Rashid Khalidi was a Palestinian operative for Yasser Arafat’s PLO and is a known anti-Semite.  Several derogatory remarks were made at this event referring to the Israeli government as terrorists and Jewish settlers as Usama Bin Laden.  This leads one to believe that Obama more than likely shares the same sentiments – unless of course the tape reveals him fighting these slurs.  This calls into doubt Obama’s claim that he is a friend of Israel.  Obama on his site downplays the relationship as he has every relationship.  Here is his response from that site:

“[Khalidi] is not one of my advisors; he’s not one of my foreign policy people. His kids went to the Lab school where my kids go as well. He is a respected scholar, although he vehemently disagrees with a lot of Israel’s policy…To pluck out one person who I know and who I’ve had a conversation with who has very different views than 900 of my friends and then to suggest that somehow that shows that maybe I’m not sufficiently pro-Israel, I think, is a very problematic stand to take…So we gotta be careful about guilt by association.”

You’re right Obama, it is problematic – for you.  I love how he always downplays his friends as just “neighbors” or “their kids went to school with my kids” or my personal favorite which is point out that they are a respected professor and scholar.  Respected by who?  Oh yeah, the far left which runs our schools and colleges and indoctrinates our kids.

Why has the LA Times written about the event, but kept the tape locked away from public view?  I can only assume that the tape must be quite damning.  Shame on you LA Times!  We already know you have no integrity with your liberal bias, but news is news.  And the American people have a right to know.  No wonder you just had to lay off another 75 workers – nobody wants to buy your drivel. 

On a lighter note, the Hill Buzz blog has an imaginative idea of what the transcript of the tape might be.


3 responses to “LA Times Won’t Release Khalidi/Obama Tape

  1. Are you really surprised? Check out who else loves Obama,

  2. I find it appawling that a media outlet is hindering the American public in making a HUGE decision on the Presidential election. Talk about favoritism. The American people have a right to see this tape and make their own conclusions. I personally am loosing my trust/faith in the media. It leads me to wonder what is really on this tape that they don’t want us to know about.

  3. Amy – I’m right there with you. It must be really bad. I’ve heard rumors (so of course they may not be true, but could be cleared up quick with release of the video) that Obama is seen laughing and clapping at Anti-semitic jokes and criticisms of Israel and Jews. Think how bad the tape must really be if it is not worth releasing to clear up possible harmful rumors.

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