Jeremiah Wright Is Back Again

Many conservatives who have not been happy with the way John McCain has been running his campaign, like myself, have been calling on John McCain to bring up Obama’s associations more thoroughly and to bring back Jeremiah Wright.  He obviously doesn’t want to do it so I guess I will.  The following video has surfaced that displays the kind of judgement Obama has when it comes to whom he associates with.  He only threw Wright under the bus when forced.  In 1995, he couldn’t speak highly enough of the man.

Obama claims that his faith is not traditional – that’s for sure!  He follows the theology of the Marxist Black Liberation Theology.  Here’s what Obama claims is the “best of what the black church has to offer”:


2 responses to “Jeremiah Wright Is Back Again

  1. You know, I have to tell you, I really enjoy this blog and the insight from everyone who participates. I find it to be refreshing and very informative. I wish there were more blogs like it. Anyway, I felt it was about time I posted, Ive spent most of my time here just lurking and reading, but today for some reason I just felt compelled to say this.

  2. Hello.

    I would like to put a link to your site on my blog roll if you want to do the same for mine. It would be a good way to build up both of our readerships.

    thank you.

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