The Media Has Made Journalism A Farcical Profession

Definition of farce: A ludicrous, empty show; a mockery.  That is what the media has become.  I cannot believe that any Americans give the mainstream media any credibility.  One of the first things a dictator/fascist/Big Brother government takes control over is the media because then it can control whatever the people think.  Great examples of just such a thing exist today in North Korea and China among other places.  Don’t think it can ever happen in America?  We are already witnessing this happen to our mainstream media.  Of course, it has been happening for years, but this presidential campaign has shined a light on the situation.  Just yesterday, this story came out from the AP.  The media has grabbed on to any tidbit to slur Gov. Sarah Palin (ie; Pregnant teenage daughter, Troopergate, clothing and travel expenses, etc.) and this new one has to do with the Alaskan pipeline project.  All of a sudden the media loves big oil and is angry that Sarah may have made it easier for smaller companies to compete in the bidding.  And -oh my God – the woman helping run this pipeline effort was a lobbyist for the winner.  And it may take forever to build the pipeline so Sarah shouldn’t claim it as a victory.

Where the hell are you guys on the crap with Obama?  Corruption has become this guy’s middle name.  Whether it is his connection to ACORN and funneling them money or going back on his word to use public finance for campaigning so he can “buy” the election (I’m sick to death of the stupid ads popping up on every internet page about voting early and voting for Obama) or his connections to Marxists and terrorists or his ideas of “spreading the wealth” and then skewering the middle class Joe the Plumber who I thought he was fighting for or the lobbyists that are working for him or the corrupt CEOs from the housing fiasco working for him or the fraudulent donations his website accepts or even accepting funds from international groups like the Palestinians, the media is not covering it or glosses over it.

I fear that Barack Obama just may get this one despite all the efforts of the truth-seeking, freedom-loving people out here fighting against the coming socialist state.  Our voice just isn’t as big as the media.  The people will make their grave and then have to lie down in it.  I just don’t care to join them in the graveyard.


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