Businesses Prepare For Obama Presidency

So you don’t think an Obama presidency will affect your pocketbook in a negative way – think again!  Higher taxes for businesses will raise prices, not to mention the effect that run away currency printing is going to have.  Businesses struggling under a higher tax burden will let workers ago.  Rush Limbaugh discussed this on his show here.  And I have a little personal experience to share.  My partner works for Disney = big business.  So far their numbers are 98% capacity in regards to guests.  A notice was received yesterday that the freebies the employees receive like free coffee, hot chocolate and utensils are going bye-bye.  Also, there is a special item that facilitators are given to go with their costumes that they receive upon completing training.  That item must now be purchased.  They’ve been told that this will change when the economy changes.  And yet they are seeing no downswing in guests.  Perhaps they are cutting the little things so that the employees don’t notice when they cut the big things.  One of those could be the health insurance since the government will be providing a plan under Obama.

I wish people would wake-up and see how they are allowing the government to destroy this country and Obama will lead us down that path at superspeed.  All this crap he plans and that the government has already implemented have been tried in the past and they failed.  If you don’t learn from history you are doomed to repeat it.


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