Leftists’ Plans To Take 401Ks

Recent news coming out of Argentina this past week reports that the leftist leader there, President Cristina Kirchner, signed a proposal to nationalize the private pension funds of Argentinian workers.  This will reportedly provide the government with about $5 billion in annual pension contributions.  The legislature has yet to pass the measure.  Needless to say, the stock market there tanked.  Think this could never happen in America – think again!

Teresa Ghilarducci is a professor at the New School of Social Research.  She testifed before another one of those long named subcomittees in Congress that wastes our time and tax dollars.  She was presenting an idea that the liberals think is a great idea and a way to rescue American investors who have watched their savings dwindle in the rollercoaster stock market.  That idea first calls for the elimination of tax breaks on 401K contributions.  Yes, you read that right – no more write off on those tax forms which allows you to claim a lower gross income.  The next part is even better!  How about if the government lets you transfer the money you have in your 401K at the amount it was valued at in August and put it into a government created “guaranteed retirement account”?  I know, I know, that word “guaranteed” causes milk to shoot out my nose too.  In return, the government will deposit $600 every year into your account.  You will be required to contribute 5% of your income annually.  And guess what kind of return they will give you: 3%.

There are so many problems here, where do I start?

1.  This first one is the most obvious.  Social security is slated to pay out more than it collects by the year 2018.  The government has already helped itself to these funds which were in a “lockbox” and replaced them with IOUs.  I’ll never see any of that stolen money.  Would you give the government access to the rest of your retirement savings with that track record?

2.  Socialism, socialism, socialism.  The government has been taking over little bits of everything – usually while we are sleeping – and now they want control of those pension funds. 

3.  Can anyone say, “Pathetic return?”

4.  In order to do this, investors would abandon the stock market right now while the stock market is – hopefully – near the bottom.  And what do you suppose this will do to the market?

5.  Does your employer offer the incentive of matching funds?  You can kiss those good-bye.  The government won’t be matching.

6.  You will have no say in how that money is invested.

If you are still drinking the liberal Kool-Aid, please wake up!  A philibuster proof Congress and a president Obama will not be stopped from implementing this kind of plan and even more nefarious ones.  They’ll tell us all it is for our own good.  Bondage is never good.  I keep hearing William Wallace in my head screaming, “Freedom!”  Barack Obama and the liberals hate freedom.


3 responses to “Leftists’ Plans To Take 401Ks

  1. i retired from the service almost 30 yrs ago but i still stand by oath to defend this country and the constitution from enimes foregin and domestic.i will not give up my gun god or bible.

  2. Thanks for your service, rick! Ditto to your thoughts. Right now I do not own a gun. If Obama gets in, I have plans to purchase one because it is our responsibility – given by the founding fathers – to protect this country from tyrannical leadership.

  3. When I was busy working as a professional engineer I personally had no time for or a real concept on how bad the real world is with much too many liars, thugs, bullies, abusers, distorters, racists , thieves, now too.. and someone how next I could not help but encountered many of them, but I had by now learned how to best deal with them. It is a two fold approach, first the Public exposure, the pen is mightier than the sword, and a good name is worth more than any silver and gold. But next also there is rightful demand, a need for their termination of employment, their real prosecution of the guilty, bad persons. Both of these approaches personally so works best, for everyone’s’ betterment. Ideally and rightfully I do not hesitate to recommend any crook, bad minister, bad pastor, bad news reporter as well to be fired , terminated from his our her job. Sadly there are many people in this world who are hatred mongers, they have a false persistent agendas against some others, and they for many wrong reasons now wrongfully pursue much of their time in these matters now too foolishly and unwisely. Too often they the bad people firstly proclaim themselves as angels of lights, good Samaritans try to help others, but rather it too often seems they are merely trying to gain an advantage over others, and to promote themselves in some powerful, key job, economic, superior positions under these false agendas, disguise’s in all kinds of social groups now too, the religious, political, cultural, governmental. Now I really hate these types of snakes and I rightfully do not hesitate to expose them once I encounter them.

    Now we all know that in north America we all do really have freedom of religion, freedom of choice, freedom of speech, the right to be hard now as well.. Some people are now falsely abusing these right to promote a false war against a particular Christian group, the Pentecostal ones, or even the Catholic ones, etc. When I see this kind of unacceptable personal behavior I too do not accept it but do loudly object to it to all and do ask these hate mongrels be immediately fired, put in jail as well. No matter who they are now too.

    “Sarah Palin losing her sway over Christian voters

    The Sarah Palin effect, which brought evangelicals and other Christians rushing on to the Republican wagon when her nomination was announced, is now fading. In some cases fast.

    A poll by the respected Pew Forum has found that some white evangelicals are losing their excitement about the political coupling of John McCain and Palin, who has deep Pentecostal roots in Alaska. White evangelicals, the crucial group that got George W. Bush into the White House in the past two elections, are beginning to edge away from the Republicans. Their support has dropped from 74 to 67 per cent in the past week or so.
    Meanwhile, pollsters are beginning to predict that mainline Protestants, who tend to be more liberal than evangelicals, are moving firmly to Barack Obama and Joe Biden. The Democrat contender is now attracting 48 per cent of mainline Christians’ votes. As well, non-Hispanic Catholics have also switched and are now leaning more to Obama-Biden than McCain-Palin.

    Go here for Pew’s easy-to-read poll http://pewforum.org/docs/?DocID=349

    Comment by todd — October 26, 2008 @ 8:13 pm ”
    Thanks for your input Todd, this is the second time you posted back to me on my blog, unusual for a news reporter to comment on my blog too.http://anyonecare.wordpress.com/2008/08/30/sarah-palin-already-has-energized-conservative-religious-leaders/#comment-1746#comment-1746

    >>A poll by the respected Pew Forum has found that some white evangelicals are losing their excitement about the political coupling of John McCain and Palin

    My personal straight forward, honest, personal summation, experiences of Politics, dealing with you, the Vancouver Sun as well, and pollsters… they are statistically just liars, biased, people with hidden agendas.. and I told you that now in writing too many times too.. I rightfully have no respect for what you write still about Christians, evangelicals and so do many others now too.

    what about the polls that show 30 percent of white people will also not vote for a black persons? racisms exists in the churches and police stations now too.

    And my own experiences with Canadian liberal news media, liberals, liberal politicians are so blind they had undeniably now underestimated the starch of the all of evangelical churches, who had themselves formed the Reform, Alliance, and the new Conservative party, and next had wiped out both the old Conservatives under Brian Mulroney, and the Liberals under Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin.. I saw it coming , wrote about it 2 decades ago, but you did don’t see it coming. Do get an honest job now..

    But the fact that Sarah Palin is getting now so much free publicity attention even from the liberals, democrats it all next simply means when I see the devil breathing on her back, she must be doing something really really good

    Any possible Christian support of Obama is another liberal, democratic, news media false spins.. just like the devil often dos the same thing.. I read many of their emotional, gushy, lying, slanderous , sewage posts, opinions, but they are spins, lies and not facts and the US news media has lost loads of credibity, CNN especially the big liars, in their slanted election presentations, and that fact is not unnoticed.. but that was the same complaint thing they had often said about the Canadian News media, CBC, under the liberals who lost next.. wow!

    And basically too no true, real practicing Christian would support the clearly anti Christ Obama.. who does supports abortions, gay marriages, alcohol as well..

    My site statistics undeniably do show Sarah Palin is the most read topic in the last few months of over 100 different subjects, topics on my 6 related blogs, and that support I encounter is the tip of the iceberg only.. 80 percent of the posts read are about her.

    Even the Canadian PM Stephen Harper, and the federal election. Bilden, McCain, Obama do not get 10 percent of her attention too.. the undeniably crooked Christian Missionary alliance church got just as much attention now, 10 percent as they all did as well.. note this a new runner up in reading POPULARITY is the bad RCMP, bad Traffic cops of Alberta next.

    As I also wrote often to thousands, Canadian politicians and news editors too now.. The truth about the ungodly Pentecostals bashings, wars against the Pentecostals on the net, even by the Vancouver Sun now too, or anyone else… is that I also still do not have to accept it or put up with it still too, it is an unacceptable perversity, human rights abuse, immoral. And it better stop otherwise I too will have to write to a lot more people about it too.. very much more..

    http://witnessed.wordpress.com/ http://witnessed.wordpress.com/?s=bad+Pentecostals etc





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