Barack Obama Didn’t Take The Family To See Dying Grandmother?!

Imagine my shock when I heard Michelle Obama giving a speech in place of her husband today.  I already was questioning just how sick Obama’s grandmother was when it was reported that he was waiting until last night to leave the campaign trail for a very brief visit.  I mean if the woman who raised me – who happens to be my mother – were dying I would be on the next plane home.  And my family would most certainly be joining me because I believe my mother would want to see the family one last time.  This stinks to high heaven to me.  It got me to thinking about many things surrounding Madelyn Dunham and the treatment she has received from Obama.  First of all, he threw her under the bus when the Jeremiah Wright story blew up and basically called her a “racist” and did call her a “typical white person”.  There are no current pictures of this woman anywhere with Obama.  There are no pictures of her with the family.  I would think a few would have made it to the internet or mainstream media to at least enhance Obama’s image.  What really is the nature of their relationship?

The other thing that has me doubting the genuiness of this visit is the fact that Obama is currently facing two lawsuits in regards to his birth certificate.  The most current one is heating up right now.  (Visit for details.)  Is Obama really in Hawai’i to try and get a more passable birth certificate since he apparently won’t release his vault certificate?  I would love to give Obama the benefit of the doubt, but I have zero trust in the man.

I do have sympathetic thoughts towards Madelyn Dunham who sacrificed everything to raise her daughter’s child even though he only mentions her in passing when it benefits his image.  He never wrote any books about her – just about a father who seems to have had no interest in his son.  She probably raised him to be anything but an angry black man and yet that is what he has become under that cool exterior.  My thoughts and prayers are with Mrs. Dunham.

UPDATE:  Obama left Hawai’i last night after only spending 22 hours total there.  And that very important grandmother of his got seven of those hours.  This is who people want for president?!  Wow, what compassion!  More like milking a situation – I hear sympathy votes if she passes away before the election.  And what was he doing with the other fifteen hours?


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