Is Barack Obama Constitutionally Eligible?

For the past month I have been following the blogosphere’s rumors that Barack Obama may not be Constitutionally eligible to run for President of the United States.  Some information has been junk, but some of it has been compelling and the news that Philip Berg, a lifelong Democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter and lawyer who was the former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania, has filed suit against Obama and the DNC in U.S. District Court has caught my attention.  The lawsuit was filed all the way back in August.  Why has this not been prominent on the news?  I know that the media is run by a bunch of liberals, but even Fox News has been leaving this alone.  Constitutional eligibility is one part of the vetting process that cannot be ignored.  Obama has never released a vault birth certificate, only a copy that does not seem to hold up under scrutiny.  I originally commented on that a couple months ago after seeing a full report here:   

In order for someone to be eligible to run for president, they must meet three criteria: Be 35 years of age or older, must have lived in U.S. for 14 years and be a natural born citizen.  Obama may not have fulfilled that last one.  If he continues to stall this stuff in court and no decision is reached before the election, then he may face impeachment.  Nancy Pelosi will face severe consequences as well as Howard Dean for not verifying this information beforehand.  John McCain handed over all the information that was asked of him, but Obama won’t even hand over school files.

The following video documents what Philip Berg’s lawsuit is about in the words of Berg himself.  Also note the interesting revelation that, which has been judging all the campaign commercials, is a project of the Annenburg Public Policy Center of the Annenburg School for Communications at the University of Pennsylvania and is funded primarily by the Annenberg Foundation.  The Annenburg Foundation funded the Chicago Annenburg Challenge of which Obama is a founding member and on whose board both Obama and William Ayers served.  Makes you wonder how truthful really is.  Here is the video:


One response to “Is Barack Obama Constitutionally Eligible?


    MUST READ UNTIL THE END TO FIND THE CATCH!!! According to this country’s laws, Obama must be a naturally born citizen of this country to become president. According to a TIME interview,8599,1729524,00.html, he was! His mother was born in Kansas, moved with her family to Hawaii where she met Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., got pregnant with Barack Jr. and married Barack Sr. They divorced when Barack was only two years old but his mother continued to live in Hawaii where she met her second husband, Lolo Soetoro, in the same way that she met her first husband. Both men were practicing Muslims. Lolo moved his wife and NEW ADOPTED SON WHOSE NAME HE LEGALLY CHANGED TO BARRY SOETORO with him to Indonesia According to international adoption laws, Barack Hussein Obama’s former birth certificate would have been SEALED (good reason why he cannot produce an authentic copy today) and a new birth certificate issued with his new adoptive name and country of citizenship. Evidence of this new adoptive name can be seen by viewing his Indonesian school records. This would mean that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. no longer exists and Barry Soetoro does! Well, Barry’s name was NOT on the election ballot! It was not on the election ballot because Barry was a citizen of Indonesia! In order for Barry to once again become Barack (the name of the father whom he dearly missed but hardly knew), he would’ve had to go through the naturalization process and pledge his allegiance to this country…which he did not. Besides, he would’ve been considered an immigrant! Michelle Obama admits that he was adopted to the African Press!

    PLEASE GOOGLE EVERYTHING I’M TELLING YOU TO FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF! The issue has been raised once before about WHAT’S IN A NAME when everyone’s focus was on the middle name. Please look up Kenya in Wikipedia and you’ll see that Kenya has been an Arab country since 2000 BC! Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. is actually legally Barry Soetoro, a Black Arab/Kenyan citizen of Indonesia!!! This is the biggest SCAM in all of America and thus further proves to what degree our enemies in the Arab world will go through to infiltrate our nation’s capital!!! They’ve been determined to get it since before the 9-11 attacks!!! We’ve probably got LOTS of them planted in our political system and Obama will probably drag them into his cabinet!!

    The media has stated that Barack Obama’s mother’s name is Ann Dunham when, in fact, it was Stanley Dunham Soetoro! Her father wanted a son and named his daughter Stanley nonetheless. She apologized for it everywhere and simply gave herself the name of Ann. Did she do this LEGALLY through a legal name change in the court? Probably not. When Barack was adopted and moved to Indonesia, he became Barry Soetoro. When that marriage failed and he was sent back to live with his grandmother in Hawaii, she never knew him as Barry Soetoro…but rather her beloved Barack. This family simply reverted back to his former name even though that former birth certificate became sealed and for all practical purposes no longer exists! Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. was extinguished and Barry Soetoro has been a legal person since 1967 and no legal action has happened since that time to change that. WHY IS THERE A BIG SMOKE SCREEN ABOUT THIS PREVENTING THE PUBLIC FROM KNOWING THE TRUTH IN THE MEDIA? WHY HAS THE COURTS SIMPLY DISMISSED SUCH AN IMPORTANT ISSUE IN THE PAST? IT IS CLEAR THAT OBAMA BOUGHT THE ELECTION THROUGH UNKNOWN DONATIONS AND HIS ALLEGIANCE IS TO HIS SUPPORTERS AND NOT TO THIS COUNTRY! HAS THE MEDIA BEEN BOUGHT OUT, TOO?? THIS SUPREME COURT CASE SHOULD BE THE HEADLINE NEWS ON EVERY STATION!!!!

    Is Barack Hussein Obama a naturally born US citizen thus making him eligible to become our president? Why doesn’t he have to PROVE that he was born here if there may be a question? If I were to register my kids to a new school, I’d have to show plenty of legal documents so why isn’t there more stringent rules for our President? The President is a public official so why should his birth documents be “kept private?” Obama should have to PROVE that he is eligible to be our President and the fact that he is withholding this information tell us volumes! The fact that he produced an obviously FAKE birth certificate document to represent the one that would’ve been SEALED UPON HIS ADOPTION tells us that he is trying to defraud the United States once again! No wonder why Obama didn’t give John McCain any trouble about the place of his birth! He didn’t want to bring any heat upon himself!

    US Supreme Court Case against Obama for not being a naturally born citizen:

    Obama doesn’t put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem nor does he wear the US Flag pin. He is NOT one of us! He is NOT a patriot! He is a radical racist and possibly even a terrorist that intends to destroy the United States. These last statements of mine may seem extreme to some…especially to those who don’t want to believe anything bad about Obama…but the truth ALWAYS comes out in time. I would just hate to be one of those that gets to say, “I told ya so!” 😦 I love my country! Please do something to get Obama to give STACKS of documents proving that he was born here and not legally adopted to become a citizen of another country. Just give it to us so we can put this matter to rest once and for all! If someone were to ask me for it, I wouldn’t have any problem producing it on the spot, so why does he?

    Have a blessed day!

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