Smirky Obama Sticks To Rhetoric While Fiery McCain Slams In Final Debate

Obama stuttered and stammered and smirked through a debate that he was clearly uncomfortable attending.  Every opening that John McCain never took advantage of in the previous debates he took tonight and Obama gave him plenty of openings.  One of Obama’s biggest gaffes tonight was this clear and desperate exaggeration, “John McCain’s political ads are 100% negative.”  Now my mother taught me to never use the terms “never” or “always” because you’ll end up sounding like an ass.  Yep, Obama sounded like an ass.  At least he’s an ass with a smirk.  So here we go…

First up was the economy, of course, which is looking worse every day despite the moronic bailout both these guys voted for.  Both kept to the usual talking points and want to make sure people stay in their homes, blah, blah, blah.  Obama brings up his tax cuts for 95% which I have time and time again repudiated as nonsense, but McCain fails to point that out.  I start thinking he is going to be weak again tonight.  But then McCain brings up the plumber that confronted Obama and the ultimate red flag gaffe comes up: Obama telling Joe the plumber he needs to “share the wealth”.  Right there is the spotlight on socialism and McCain mentions “spreading the wealth” over and over to great effect.  Repudiates that idea and suggests that Joe be allowed to spread the wealth himself instead of the government.  MAJOR SCORE!

Next they debate cutting certain programs since the economy is going downhill.  Neither answers the question right away.  Obama, in fact, talks more about spending and doesn’t mention any real cuts except subsidies for Medicare which doesn’t sound like the best cut to me seeing as how Medicare is presently bankrupt.  Obama reiterates that we must do his health plan and his college plan no matter what.  McCain finally talks about using his hatchet and then adds the scalpel too.  Spending freeze – Obama almost has a coronary.  Nancy Pelosi craps her pants.  Conservatives cheer!

McCain points out that Obama has never gone against his party leadership while McCain has many times.  Obama mentions groups that he has angered like the teacher’s union, but doesn’t mention anytime he went against the Democrats – because he hasn’t.  That’s what I call change!  Then they debate the tone of the campaign and there is alot of back and forth and then finally the Ayers opening comes, but McCain doesn’t take it.  I get really disappointed and then a couple minutes later McCain opens that can of whoop ass.  Obama stammers through his standard rhetoric and lies about the relationship with Ayers (I was 8, he’s a professor now, we served on a board together) and ACORN (I was just a lawyer for them once.)  McCain mentions the coming out party at Ayers house and Obama says that it is a lie basically.  Guess he wants to continue with the lie that he just happened to be invited to this party – we aren’t buying it.  Obama brings up the supporters that have yelled things at McCain/Palin rallies.  McCain defends his base and supporters while stating that the things said are wrong, but wants to make sure that all supporters are not lumped together.  Then he mentions those T-shirts Obama’s supporters have been wearing that say “Sarah Palin is a c—!”  Also mentions John Lewis claiming that McCain and Palin are segregationists and asks Obama when he will repudiate it – didn’t happen before this debate and didn’t happen tonight.  McCain also points out that Obama has spent record money on negative ads.  Obama loses on this point.  If it is truth, it isn’t smears or negative, Obama.

They talk about their running mates and free trade.  McCain takes the opening to mention that Obama won’t trade with Colombia, but will meet with Iran’s leadership.  So much for that line about not trading with countries that don’t respect human rights, Obama.  Score again for McCain!  They compare their health plans.  Obama tries to make his not sound like socialism, but we’re not stupid.  Claims that 47 million are uninsured and he will bring down costs – he has never explained in any debates how he intends to do that.  Ah, yeah Humana, you can’t charge that price for that surgery cause I, ah, said so.  Ha Ha!

Now it’s on to abortion and McCain nails Obama with the “Born Alive Act”.  Obama stammers through and mentions that there was already a law in place.  If he cared about life he would have voted for it anyway.  Why not err on the side of life?  Then they discuss education and Obama’s typical answer is throw money at it.  The government has already failed, Obama, let’s try something else.  McCain talks about choice – SCORE!  Obama speaks out against video games and tells parents to get their kids to put them down and yet, just today, I heard that Obama has placed advertisements in several of the games on the market like Madden’s new football game.  How disingenuous.  The subject of vouchers in Washington D.C. comes up and Obama lies about the superintendant’s stance and McCain has to correct him.  He also corners Obama on the fact that he doesn’t support vouchers because there are not enough and McCain asks, “So because there aren’t enough vouchers we shouldn’t have any even if they work? Got it.”

They both close in typical fashion.  Finally, a debate that wasn’t a snorefest!  And McCain did what he needed to do – win.  Barack spent most of the night smirking because he knew he was caught on many things and stammering through the same rhetoric he has offered up for months.  Nothing new here.  But we did hear some new things from McCain and he was on fire blasting through the openings that Obama kept giving him.  I found myself throughout the debate saying, “McCain should say this next” and then he would.  I especially was proud of the, “I’m not Bush.  You should have run four years ago to run against him.” 

The obvious winner: John McCain.  Watch for the biased polls to stay the same.

3 responses to “Smirky Obama Sticks To Rhetoric While Fiery McCain Slams In Final Debate

  1. What spending are you going to freeze? Military? Debt interest payments? Entitlements?

  2. McCain didn’t specify last night, but in the previous debate he did say necessities would stay in place like military spending, veterans services, etc. I agree that they both should be more specific and hopefully they will in the next couple of weeks since last night would not have given enough time. P.S. goneshiny, Obama struck out far more than McCain.

  3. Thank goodness no more debates! I always thought we should skip at least one of the debates and make them do an Iron Chef instead.
    Cheers, Linda

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