“Troopergate” Report Leaves Me Disappointed In Gov. Palin

The Alaskan Supreme Court ruled last night that an independent legislative investigative report that documents findings in the “Troopergate” issue that has dogged Governor Sarah Palin should be released. It was a great decision because we need transparency in government. The Los Angeles Times reports, “The report found that [Monegan’s] refusal to fire the trooper was ‘likely a contributing factor’ in Monegan’s termination in July, but it also concluded that the governor’s decision was ‘a proper and lawful exercise of her constitutional and statutory authority’ to hire and fire department heads.”  The report also found that Palin had abused her power and violated ethics.  It would seem that she initially made calls to Monegan, but when he informed her that that was improper, Todd Palin and Palin’s chief of staff started making the calls.  I then believe that when the budget indictated that someone should be let go, Palin decided Monegan would be the choice since he had not fired trooper Mike Wooten.

What can I say here?  I’m so disappointed!  No wonder she was not cooperating with the investigation.  I can understand why Sarah wanted this trooper fired and his history does call into question how he can still be on the job, but you don’t abuse power like this.  If she’ll do it here, where else will she do it?  And then to go to such lengths to cover it up.  While this does not compare to any of the marks I have against Obama it does give me pause.  This is not a moment of glory for the liberals or the Obama camp, this is a moment of profound sadness for all of America.  The reason I feel that way is because WHO THE HELL CAN WE TRUST?  We’ve got McCain voting for earmarks even though his campaign has run on his being a reformer and maverick who does not vote for earmarks.  Now Sarah who claimed to be different and to be a reformer proves to be just another politician when given power.  Barack Obama is a Marxist in disguise and Biden is just a liberal idiot.  These are our choices for leadership at a time when this country needs a true leader.  And all we have is a void.  This next four years is going to be a very painful time no matter where your politics fall.  Our economy is broken and the government is ruining it further.  Socialism is on the march.

Yesterday I received my absentee ballot in the mail.  There’s alot of names on the Florida ballot.  Both Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin made the cut.  Now I have a very difficult decision to make as does every other American.  If I vote for either of them it takes a vote from McCain giving Obama an advantage.  Despite what McCain told a crowd yesterday, “I have to tell you, Senator Obama is a decent person and a person you don’t have to be scared of as president of the United States,” I do fear an Obama presidency because I know it will rip away my freedom and the Constitution and usher in Marxism.  But how can I vote for McCain who I believe is also willing to embrace pieces of socialism and Palin who has lost a chunk of my trust?  Part of me also thinks it would be better to let Obama get saddled with all the crap coming down the pipe and look to 2012 with hope of a better choice.  Do others find themselves in this kind of struggle as well?  Will we still be America in 2012?  This G7 meeting this weekend has me upended as well.  Are we moving towards that One World Government?

I think what this is is a time of prayer.  We better all get on our knees because we need some help desperately!


One response to ““Troopergate” Report Leaves Me Disappointed In Gov. Palin

  1. I agree with you about the need for some prayer. Though I am an Obama supporter (wholeheartedly) I don’t think that he has a solution to the current economic woes. As far Marxism, I don’t think so. Socialism, perhaps, but the current woes have caused a panic and no one seems to have an answer, so have defaulted to the usual: throw money at the problem. Anyway, I empathize with you. I usually don’t empathize with McCain supporters (or former supporters) because a good number of them have been full of so much hate of late. Fear I can understand. This is a scary time. Hate I can’t tolerate. Let’s hope for the best and prepare for the challenges ahead no matter who wins.
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