It’s Not The Economy Stupid!

A popular phrase during Bill Clinton’s run for president against George Bush, Sr. was, “It’s the economy stupid.”  Lately, that phrase has been flying around again as the media and liberals become over confident that Democrats will win the presidency and more seats in the Congress because the economy is on a downhill slide.  I’ve asked before on this blog why it is that people think Democrats would be so much better with the economy.  The truth is they would be far worse.  They got us in this housing mess starting with Carter and intensifying during Clinton.  But a comment made to John McCain on the campaign trail seems to echo what Americans are really feeling at this time.  It’s about freedom stupid.  Who cares about a tanked economy if you are no longer free?

Barack Obama has been under fire as of late for associations he has had in the past.  He denies them repeatedly mostly with claiming that McCain is not talking about the issues.  Well Obama, I have an issue with your associations and plans.  I will not live under Marxist rule and neither will most of Americans.  James Carville claims that blacks will riot in the streets if Obama loses.  Well you ain’t seen nothing yet if he does win and starts implementing his “plans” for America.  Here are my ISSUES:

1. Endorsed by ACORN and worked at least in the capacity of a lawyer for ACORN.  I think he is far more involved, but managed to erase connections.  See Obama’s lies about his connections to ACORN here:    See the truth about his connections to ACORN here:

2. Bill Ayers is a good friend of his.  He can deny this all he wants and get his campaign to lie, but the truth is he served on educational boards with this man trying to implement Marxist education techniques in schools and launched his political career in this terrorist’s home.  Ayers wife and Michelle Obama go way back to a time before the Obama’s were married.

3.  More friends who endorse him: Father Phlegar, Tony Rezco, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Raila Odinga who is a militant Muslim co-leader in Kenya and a man for whom Obama campaigned and contributed money to, Zbigniew Brzezinski who is an Anti-Semitic advisor to Obama and someone who makes conspiracy theorists shiver, Segolene Royal who ran for French president in 2007 on the Socialist Party ticket, and today came this special endorsement from Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan who refers to Obama as the messiah:

4. Militant terrorists Hamas endorses Obama.

5.  Democratic Socialists endorse Obama.

6.  Obama’s mentor was Franklin Marshall Davis, a well known Communist writer and poet.  Here is article on that:

7.  Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega endorses Obama.  This guy was part of the Sandinista National Liberation Front during the Reagan years and joined forces with Soviet backed Cuba to support Marxist revolutions in Latin America.

8.  Economic advisors are Franklin Raines (former Fannie Mae CEO), Tim Howard (former CFO for Fannie Mae) and Jim Johnson (former Fannie Mae CEO).  Obama was number two on the list of polticians who received money from Fannie Mae.

Lots of people would argue that Obama can’t help who endorses him and that he has refused some of the endorsements like the endorsement from Hamas.  But any thinking person would know what to look at here and that is not what Obama sees in these people, but what they see in him.  And what kind of judgement does he have?  He has been molded from his youth for just such a moment as this.  Go to Obama’s website and see his playbook of Marxist ideas.  They are not new ideas, but they indeed would mean change for America.  Socialists and Marxists love him, but freedom loving Americans fear him for what he would bring to our shores.  I don’t hate Obama as many would like to claim and yes, I’ve been called racist.  But I do hate what he stands for.  America needs to wake up and see that the real issue right now and the one of most importance is freedom.  The economy will recover – as long as the government stops messing with it – and people will get back on their feet.  Do we want to find our country under a red flag when that happens?


4 responses to “It’s Not The Economy Stupid!

  1. Fascinating video. Except for the small fact that Farrakhan does not call Obama the Messiah, even in this video clip. In fact, in the very same speech, (that’s conveniently not shown in the video) he says that Obama “is not the Messiah for sure.” He later, in the exact same speech, says that Obama is a “herald of the Messiah.” I’ll let you all look up what a herald is, but one obviously cannot be the herald of the Messiah and the Messiah himself.

  2. You said: But any thinking person would know what to look at here and that is not what Obama sees in these people, but what they see in him.
    I say, what do these people spewing hate at McCain/Palin rallies see in them??? The personification of their hate, perhaps? Or the couple who will take their hate to the White House?

  3. expat, I’m not really thinking what is being spewed at the rallies is hate. For a couple perhaps, but I think Americans are just angry and letting loose. McCain is getting booed himself and his supporters are frustrated that he appears to not want to win this thing. Of course, anyone who is calling for someone to die or “off with his head” is way out of line and frankly should be investigated as a threat. I dislike Obama greatly, but I don’t want him to die and I don’t hate him.

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