Barack Obama Was A Member Of A Socialist Party?

The McCain campaign is running around telling the media they have some big announcement this morning.  I’m really hoping it isn’t something lame which is usually what this stuff turns out to be.  Something that I think it should be is this news breaking in the blogosphere this morning:  Barack Obama was a member of the New Party, a Socialist political group in Chicago.  The rumor was first floated in June, but was denied by the Obama campaign.  Now new evidence has surfaced at this site:

It would seem the information can be confirmed also from an article written in the Progressive Populist Magazine in November of 1996.  I have been screaming from the rooftops that this guy is a Marxist based on his “changes” for America and the friends he has been keeping and supporting his whole life.  This isn’t a smear, it is truth that Americans need to know.  Now there is concrete proof of what is in his soul.  Please McCain, let this be your big announcement because this will finally wake America up before it is too late.  The rest of the government is heading head long into socialism and we need somebody at the helm that might hold it back until Sarah Palin becomes president.

UPDATE:  Well it’s almost 3pm eastern times and I’ve heard no big announcement.  A new ad slamming Obama on Ayers was released, but I don’t think that could be it.  Maybe it was a false alarm, but it had FOX News all abuzz as well as


3 responses to “Barack Obama Was A Member Of A Socialist Party?

  1. Wow. We’re on the same page here. Get on over to Lindy’s blog, because I wrote about Obama the Socialist today as well. It’s scary.

  2. Lindy didn’t post the link to her great article that is a must read so here it is:

  3. More on this:
    Archives prove Obama was a New Party member.

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