McCain’s And Obama’s Second Snore Fest

Hmmm…somebody wake me up.  Is it over?  Was this just a re-run?  Where is Sarah?  My God, does anybody want either one of these men running the country?  Nobody won in my book tonight.  It was more of the blame Bush first from Obama with masking his intentions of raising our taxes and no real hits from McCain.  McCain never asked about that 95% number like I suggested.  And from McCain we had more, “My friend, I cross the aisle and fight to reform.”  No real answers especially in regards to the bailout.  I partially blame the audience for this though because their questions should have been more current and forceful like my question, “How’s that bailout working for ya?”  Did you notice the stock market the past couple of days you crap sandwich eating morons?

Ugh!  I checked out what Michelle Malkin had to say and she seems to be on the same page.  Should we get the boats out now and sail to a remote island or get the guns ready?  Does anyone trust either of these yeah hoos?  They both have health care plans, but I don’t see either of them getting implemented.  The Great reformer never mentioned reforming insurance companies.  And Obama never mentioned the fines he plans to levy on companies and parents.  No fireworks except when Obama threw his tantrum about wanting to do a follow-up to a question and a comment he made about having to correct McCain’s history “as usual”.  I thought the Republicans were the attacking jerks.  No talk of those Obama associations either from McCain and of course Tom Brokaw never allowed any to be asked.  Damn that media.  It should have been a free for all.  I would have loved watching people jockey over microphones to ask questions and even heckling from the audience.  It would have been more entertaining and Obama would have been lost.

One thing I can say for certain, McCain didn’t win any points tonight.  He needed to sock it to Obama.  Passion is what will get you to the White House, not this mealy mouthed crap.  And all the things I hate about his policies he re-ran tonight just like the first debate.  Doesn’t he realize that the base runs from him when he does that?  These are not positives.  So I say that there was no winner and I wouldn’t call it a tie either because we all lose with these guys.  I’m going to go to bed now and keep murmuring to myself, “Sarah, Sarah, Sarah…”

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