Advice For McCain Before Debate

These are things that McCain needs to pummel Barack Obama with tonight in the townhall debate:

1.  William Ayers.  This is not a distraction because if it was the New York Times wouldn’t be covering it or CNN’s Anderson Cooper on his 360 show.  The Obama campaign has lied repeatedly about this so it must be something worth hiding.  We’ve heard everything from Bill Ayers just lived in the neighborhood to Barack Obama’s kids went to school with Ayers (forget the fact that Ayers kids are in their twenties) to Barack Obama was at that party at Ayers house because he was there with the state Senator who’s seat he was vying for – not because Ayers was hosting the party specifically as a kickoff to Obama’s political career.  This is a huge weakness for Obama.

2.  Touch on his other associations like Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezco and Raila Odinga – the communist dictator in Kenya who Obama helped to get into office.  These all show a lack of judgement and also cause one to question how somebody could spend so much time with radical Marxists and not believe in that sort of thing.  Kind of like an Atheist hanging out with Christians all the time or vise versa – wouldn’t happen.

3.  How about those illegal foreign donations Barack?  He’s had to give back thousands so far to Palestinians, but there is more to come.  The Obama campaign is now under investigation to see how many of these little donations are from foreign sources and that is why they are being hidden.  McCain has been open about his donors which can be found online, but not Obama.

4.  How do you lower taxes on 95% of the population?  That is what Obama claims he will do.  Never mind that less than 75% pay taxes.  That means people not paying in will get rebates, at least that is what I would have to assume.  More free money everybody.

5.  Pound him on the economy, John!  We win with the economy.  Distance yourself from Bush as you outline your plan specifically which calls for keeping the tax cuts and cutting even more taxes.  Point out which programs you will be cutting from the budget since times are tight.  And pound on all the spending Barack has planned.  Ask him over and over how he plans to pay for it and remind him that he says, “How can we afford not to?”  What an irresponsible jackass.  Tell the public how much the deficit will go up with an Obama presidency.

6.  Socialism – use the word and tell people that this is what Obama is describing when he says “fairness” and tells people that the government can do everything for them.  Call his programs socialism.  Point out that all that volunteering he is going to have kids do to get free college is going to cost the government.  Let’s see, they work 100 hours and get $4,000 towards college.  That means the government will pay these kids $40 an hour.  That’s not volunteering and that is government spending.  You can’t fool me.

7.  And finally, continue to do what you have been doing by describing Obama as a closed book.  He’s secretive and won’t release his records.  That always means that somebody is hiding something.  And we know what he is hiding. 

Best wishes to John McCain tonight.  He will win this thing if he goes in there and fights for it.  No more Mr. Nice Guy.  Obama will destroy the country McCain fought for and loves and he needs to keep that in mind and get passionate about this thing.  Or maybe he could send Sarah in there with John McCain make-up on.  We know we have a fighter in her!


One response to “Advice For McCain Before Debate

  1. Just wanted to say HI. I found your blog a few days ago on Technorati and have been reading it over the past few days.

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