How’s That Bailout Working For Ya?

Sure am glad they rushed that damn bailout bill because it sure saved the country and Wall Street.  I mean the record we saw on Wall Street today, man we haven’t seen anything like that before.  It was great!  Yeah… I guess if an almost 800 point drop is great.  The DOW closed today with a 370 point loss and the average has dipped below 10,000.  I remember earlier this year it was breaking records and hitting 14,000.  My what a difference a few months can make.  And a few cheating CEOs and politicians and banks and…

And how about those representatives and senators that voted for it?  They’re doing splendid as well.  They are dropping in the polls.  They will hear us America and we must roar loudly!  We are not going to take this anymore.  Some farce hearings on Lehman Brothers today will not squelch the furor.  It is too late to start pointing fingers now.  They are all to blame.  I’m sick of the Republicans being held solely at fault.  They all let this happen and most of them voted for this crap to rescue us.  And as predicted by any thinking person – this bailout is no help, it makes matters worse.  We are going to have some really rough times coming.  And the messiah Obama is going to make it all better.  Wonder which new program he has up his sleeves to fix this.  Because he has made it clear, he is going forward with his spending.  Just like the rest of Congress.  Instead of cutting any spending – ANY! – they just added pork.  Get a clue you losers!

Please God, have mercy and send us a leader!


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