California: A Case Study Against An Obama Presidency

So the liberals all want Barack Obama for president.  The brainwashed youth of America want Barack Obama for president.  And Californians want Barack Obama for president.  Based on the promises that Barack Obama has made and his voting record (however scant that may be) one can tell that Obama is not only a liberal, but a Marxist and will rule as such.  Yesterday, America got a wake-up call and they better heed it or face more of the same sweeping the country.  That wake-up call is a governor on his knees ready to beg the Treasury, “Please sir, could I have some more.”  Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote a letter yesterday telling Secretary Paulson that the state of California was in dire straights, especially if the bailout bill was not passed.  Socialism won the day and the bailout bill was indeed passed.  But California may still need $7 billion from the government to cover day to day operations like paying teachers, police officers, funding nursing homes and every other state-funded service.  How did this happen?

On Fox News this morning, a correspondent mentioned that alot of Americans are learning more about their government due to the economic crisis.  One of those learned items is that states borrow money to run operations and with credit markets drying up, cities and states find themselves in real trouble.  I myself had no clue until yesterday and once again I find myself outraged.  What happens when a family runs their budget on just credit?  Doesn’t take long before that family is in real trouble.  How in the hell does a state think they can do that?  I guess I didn’t realize the depths to which this debt problem ran. 

So here we have a case study of what an Obama presidency will look like.  Today on the campaign trail, Obama is pounding away on McCain’s health plan.  He is still pushing his socialistic plan and had the audacity (sorry I just had to use that word) to say, “Some say how are we going to pay for this and I say how can we afford not to.”  This is a clear message that Obama plans to push his plans forward regardless of where the economy is in the future.  Thus the deficit will grow and since he promises to hack away at that, expect taxes to be implemented which will hit the middle class whether he aims them at us or not and cause huge job losses.  California has yet to adopt a state budget and so their spending is running rampant.  Obama in turn has a budget forecast, but there is no way to finance it and soon the government will find itself in the same place as California.

Another of California’s downfalls has been foreclosures which have resulted from numerous outside forces, two of which I want to focus on.  Number one is illegal immigration.  The Public Policy institute of California published a paper called “At Issue” in 2005 and it states, “Another economic incentive for migrating here is the lack of well developed financial markets in home countries.  Reportedly, in Mexico most households do not have adequate access to insurance, capital and credit markets.  Migration of some household members to the US is part of many families’ strategies to finance expensive purchases – even home ownership.”  California has more illegal aliens than any other state, 2.4 million in 2004 which rises 73,000 every year.  One of every fifteen residents is illegal.  California embraces them and even invites them and now they are paying for it.  Obama has the same attitude and the same ideas of “fairness” for all.  After all, he got his start with ACORN.

Which brings me to my second focus and that is on ACORN, Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.  ACORN is the group that has forced banks and states to extend credit and services to illegal aliens and the less fortunate in the community who could never afford a home.  And California wonders why they have one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country, a rate that surged 327% in the first quarter of 2008.  And now California is looking for credit.   This is a circle with no end.  And Obama worked as an attorney and a community organizer for ACORN so one can assume he believes in its principles and from all his talk of “fairness” one can assume he will continue such practices.  As a matter of fact, all the liberals in Congress will continue to do what has crushed this economy.  And the centrists and neo-conservatives will follow along just as they did with this bailout bill.  No amount of hearings will wake up Nancy Pelosi and her buddies to the problems that caused this crisis.  They don’t want to dig and see all the real reasons because then they will have to either throw away their progressive ideology or throw away America.  I already know they will choose the latter because they are already doing it. 

The most we can hope for is that Congress will continue to be a do-nothing-Congress and that Obama won’t have the money to fund his work towards utopia.  And somebody better tell California to take a hike before a dangerous precedent is set here.


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