Senate Resurrects Dead Bailout Bill

Here I sit watching the Senate on C-SPAN with a repeat of all the same back and forth that went on Monday in the House  before the House defeated the bailout bill.  Same arguments despite the fact that the bill has been resurrected with a “few” add-ons.  For example, the total dollar amount is now something like $850 billion.  Despite tax breaks and relief for businesses, the bill remains mostly the same.  I guess the extras are to win over more House Republicans. 

Times Online reported, “The angry calls from constituents railing against the Bill shifted abruptly after the turmoil that followed Monday’s House vote. ‘It’s completely in the other direction now,’ a spokesman for John Boehner, the Republican House Minority Leader, said.”  And the lies continue.  I still feel the same way, the blogs I’ve been reading feel the same way as do the people in my everyday life.  Get a clue – we don’t want this kind of government intervention and we don’t want to bailout Wall Street fatcats and irresponsible debtors.  

Both parties continue to point fingers at each other.  I happened to catch a wonderful voice of reason on C-SPAN radio in Senator Jim DeMint.  He said the bill “will do more harm than good”.  He went on to say that “we have sacrificed blood and treasure for freedom…our own government appears to be leading our country into the pit of socialism.”  He pointed out how government has screwed up education, health care and energy.  He continued, “And now we see this Congress yielding its Constitutional obligations to a Federal bureaucracy giving it the power to control virtually our entire financial system.”  At least someone out there gets it.  To see a video of Sen. DeMint’s comments go here:

John McCain, Barack Obama and Joe Biden are all expected to vote in favor of this montrosity.  If not for Sarah Palin, I would be kicking John McCain to the curb.  Maverick my ass!  Can a leader please stand up?  The vote is about an hour away.  I have a Democratic Senator here who is against and the other appears to be undecided and he is Republican.  I hope he listens to the people.

UPDATE:  And The People go down in flames.  Senate tells America to kiss its arse and passes bailout bill with flying colors.  Next stop, the House on Friday.  I hope the “nays” stick to their guns, but I have little hope.  Comrade, cue the Soviet Anthem- Da Da Da Da…


2 responses to “Senate Resurrects Dead Bailout Bill

  1. Rosanne in Tennessee

    Independent, Bernie Sanders is the only one to do a great job tonight.

    He has “intestinal fortitude’ to tell it straight–the fat cats who got us into this mess should be the first in line with their checkbooks to pay an increase of 10% on their income to pay for these “toxic debts.”

  2. Although I agree with Bernie Sanders that this bailout shouldn’t be passed, his bill is idiotic. Punishing everyone who makes over $500,000 is not right. That hits mostly people who had nothing to do with this mess. Part of this mess was also created by irresponsible people getting in way over their heads. People who have worked hard to gain financial success should not be punished for that success. If you make $500,000 a year would you want to give 45% to this irresponsible government? I bet not. And how about punishing the government leaders from both parties who got us in this mess also?

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