The Dow Plummets As Initial Vote On Bailout Bill Is “Nay”!

I’m watching the stock market plummet, now 600 points, as the final votes come in on an initial vote on the emergency bailout bill.  There is still some arm twisting that can go on to bring people over to the “Yea” side so we the people haven’t won this one yet, but there is hope.  Those who are “Nay” stick to your guns and don’t be swayed by the rhetoric or the stock market.

UPDATE:  A couple have crossed over.  217 “Yea” votes are needed for a majority.  They are still off by 10.

UPDATE:  It’s now 2:06pm EST and two more votes have jumped ship only this time it is from “Yea” to “Nay”.  Whoo Hoo!  Now they need 12 for passage.  Stock climbed back up to about 350 and now is down to 500.

UPDATE:  It’s final, the bill has gone down in flames.  Final vote was “Yea” at 205 and “Nay” at 228.  I bet Obama and McCain breathed a sigh of relief on not having to vote on this one.  I’m still taking names on the ones who voted for this crap.


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