The Democrats Are Lying To Us

As Obama continues to put himself and his campaign first by holding a rally today with Joe Biden instead of going back to Washington, John McCain has flown back to do his duty.  I guess Obama forgets that he is a Senator first.  The truth of the matter is that he is a big chicken just like the rest of his criminal cohorts who call themselves Democrats.  Despite the fact that the Dems can push through this plan, they still wait for the Republicans so that they can all take the fall together.  But as revealed in the above video, the Democrats are the ones really to blame here.  The Republicans should have been more forceful, but the Dems let this happen and looked the other way.  Oh wait, they didn’t look the other way when they were filling their pockets from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  And now they want to eat at the trough of public funds that we will have to cough up.  Ted Nugent was on Fox News this afternoon saying that we should do the patriotic thing and vote Congress out.  I couldn’t agree more.  And have you heard that the Dems tried to include money in this bill for ACORN which is under investigation in several states including mine for voter fraud.  Hmm…sounds a bit fishy doesn’t it?  What do you want to bet that all the fraud favors Democrats in registration.  What happened to this party?  They once had principles, but when JFK died so did the Democratic party.

Ugh, Biden is spouting off at the mouth on television.  Listen moron, get your asses back to Washington D.C. and do your job working for the American people!


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