Obama Comes Off As Unpresidential In First Debate

The liberals will be clamoring today that Barack Obama either won this debate or that it was a draw which is what the Obama campaign was hoping for, but it was hard to believe that this man had put aside the country in a time of crisis and worked on this debate for three days.  Either he cannot do two things at once which is what he claimed a president should be able to do or he just is not prepared to lead.  Either way, he is not good for America.  Obama appeared to be very nervous in the beginning, unwilling to talk directly to John McCain and had to be prompted by Jim Lehrer to do that during the five minute free sessions.  Rush Limbaugh calls Obama the “man child” and he certainly looked it, minus the foot stomping, everytime McCain would claim something about Obama’s views and Obama would say, “That’s not true.”  It happened repeatedly throughout the evening.

The first part of the debate was about the “rescue” plan now being debated in Congress.  Obama stuck to his party’s points of oversight, bail out homeowners, no golden parachutes to failed CEOs and the possibility that Americans will get their money back.  That last one is laughable because we all know we’ll never see any revenue from this ignorant plan especially with Obama running the country.  That money will go to his bloated government plans.  John McCain had a better position on the plan, but still not to my liking.  Unless the free market is allowed to run its course, this country will move completely to socialism.  Obama also tried to claim that he had warned two years ago that there was a problem in housing.  Umm, was that at the same time he was filling his pockets with money from those institutions he was warning us about?  Or perhaps after he had those failed CEOs helping his campaign?  When John McCain pointed out that Obama has plans for $800 billion in new spending, Obama was indignant wanting to know where the numbers came from.  Your own budget plans, idiot.  I blogged about your bloated plan months ago and actually came up with an even bigger number.  Then Obama claimed that he would hold back on some of his plans and bring them in gradually, but that some were too important and needed implementation right away.  There was also some bickering about earmarks that Obama only stopped voting for when he started running for president.  McCain has history on his side in regards to earmarks.

Obama also claimed he could pay for all his plans especially when not spending money on the Iraq War.  I get confused everytime Obama goes down this road because we all know some troops will have to stay in Iraq and then Obama has plans to really take care of Afghanistan by increasing troops there and he is also prepared to go into Pakistan.  Sounds like the defense money will just be moved to other war areas and not be available for his spending plans.  So the confusion comes when he claims that money will be available for his health care plan from war money not being used. 

In regards to that health care, Obama claimed that people will be taxed on their health care benefits under McCain since the tax credit McCain proposes would be considered income and that this would be the first time that happened.  Ha Ha!  Let me give you a little lesson for those of us down here on main street, Obama.  We already are taxed on those benefits for dependents.  I am on my partner’s health plan through Disney.  She has to pay taxes on the benefits that cover me.  I assume this happens elsewhere as well.  Get a clue you elitist, Obama.

Obviously the rest of the debate put Obama on the bad footing that most people expected.  He is not prepared to lead on a global basis.  He wants everybody to like America so we won’t have such a bad image in the world.  I could give a rip what the world thinks of us.  We bailout the world everytime there is a need and yet they hate us.  We import their products and train their people and yet they hate us.  Obama, you can’t get these countries to like us.  And Obama is still sticking to his idea of meeting with dictators without pre-conditions.  The only place I could agree with him was on his opinions over Pakistan.  We did prop up a dictator there and were not forceful enough in getting Pakistan to capture Bin Laden and other terrorists and now Pakistan is firing on our troops.  We need to reconsider the whole “Pakistan is our allie” thing.  Of course we do have that little issue of nuclear weapons which complicates things.  Precisely why we can’t let the rest of the region obtain those weapons.  With a president like Obama, we will see the world go nuclear and we will be without protection since he opposes our missile defense program.

I loved the format of this debate and hope they continue with it.  Some structure is nice, but it feels more like the debates of old where there was a good back and forth.  So McCain definately won this one as expected despite the fact that he put this country first and went to Washington to make sure that a horrible plan wasn’t pushed through without Republican voices being heard.  McCain showed that he is presidential because he can multitask and not be thrown off by a crisis.  He also didn’t need three days of coaching that still didn’t seem to help Obama.  Perhaps next time Obama could put country first and then at least he would have one positive because this past week which was hard for all of America, shined a light on the fact that the Democrats and Obama are ill-prepared to lead.  They can blame it all on the Republicans, but thinking people know the truth:  This started long ago and has continued throughout multiple administrations of both parties.  And the Democrats don’t have the guts to push a plan forward.


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