Barack Obama Votes Absent On Economic Plan

This afternoon, John McCain announced that he is suspending his campaign so that he can go back to Washington to help work on an economic plan that can get through Congress because it appears the current one will not.  McCain also wants to postpone the highly anticipated debate set for Friday, September 26th.  I myself was preparing to write a scathing critique of both candidates earlier because I had heard that neither planned to be in Washington to vote.  But John McCain has stepped up to the plate and is showing great leadership.  The Democrats earlier this week hinted that they would not vote for the bailout unless John McCain did and claimed they needed him to help with the plan.  Now today, since John McCain is looking great on this, Harry Reid is telling him not to come and that they don’t need him.  Who they really need is Barack Obama, but unfortunately Obama is once again listening to his advisors and bumbling down the wrong road.  How many times do I have to tell this guy to get new puppet masters?

About an hour ago, Barack Obama came out with his official statement on what he plans to do in regards to the economic plan.  It really is a true show of his leadership style – the fact he doesn’t have one.  This guy is no president.  Let me sum it up for you first:  Obama says call me if you need me, I have more important things to get to.  He will not be suspending his campaign and will continue to run commercials.  He also plans on being at the debate Friday.  I guess he can debate himself.  This moron actually said the debate should go on because, “It’s my belief that this is exactly the time when the American people need to hear from the person who, in approximately 40 days, will be responsible for dealing with this mess.”  Umm, Obama, you do realize the debate is on security and foreign relations, right?  I’m sure that is really what the American people are focused on right now.

Barack Obama also claimed that he has been speaking with Hank Paulson “just about everyday”.  I guess that takes the place of having cojones and voting.  Does Senator Obama forget that he actually has a job.  He’s spent almost more time campaigning than he has in Congress doing the work he is paid for and has promised to do.  I know I want a president who is a follower and just tells everybody that his plane is close by if he is needed.  Perhaps this means that Obama realizes that he is not so important after all.

On Fox News Radio a pundit who I think was Bill Sammon said that he thought McCain had showed guts by making this move of suspending his campaign, but Obama dealt a good blow by showing even more guts in wanting to go forward with the debate.  Obama has guts!?  This guy who won’t even take stands on anything and flip flops more than a frog on hot pavement?!  This is such an easy vote for you, Obama.  Just do what you have done 98% of the time and vote with your party – you Maverick you.  Sorry Bill Sammon, you’re way wrong there. 

Obama is actually taking this route because as he explained, a president needs to be able to do multiple things at once.  He wants to show that unlike McCain – who knows when to focus – he can campaign, debate and save the economy all at once.  Only Obama has never lead, not once, on anything.  And that is what makes a great president.  I still can’t believe the sheep of this nation are putting their economic hopes in this guy.

And God help us all if the terrorists wise up and realize that there has never been a better time to hit the United States than right now.

UPDATE:  Wednesday night the President invited both Barack Obama and John McCain to Washington for a special meeting tomorrow afternoon.  Obama has accepted and now will be going to Washington.  That’s what they call “following the leader”.


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