Is Biden Trying To Get Fired?

I will not be surprised if the “October surprise” coming out of the Obama camp is letting Joe Biden go and bringing onboard Hilary Clinton.  Biden is known for his gaffes, but his most recent one that will air tonight on the CBS News with Katie Couric seems to be over the top.  If you are the second person on the ticket and you are upset by an ad that the campaign has run, it seems a private discussion would be appropriate instead of a vocal national shout out.  Here is what happened:  Katie Couric asked Joe Biden what he thinks about an attack ad that Obama ran starting a month ago that criticizes John McCain for being old and technologically illiterate since McCain says he let’s his wife run the computer for him.  The main flaw with the ad is that the Obama camp didn’t take into account that McCain cannot physically work at a computer because of war injuries he sustained as a prisoner of war.  The ad was seen as a cheap shot and in poor taste and obviously poorly researched.  Biden’s response to the question was, “I thought that was terrible by the way.  I didn’t know we did it and if I had anything to do with it, we would have never done it.”  Glad Biden pays attention.  And way to back up your guy!


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