Obama Points Finger At Everybody But Himself On Economic Crisis

I really am sick of this partisan fingerpointing when it comes to the downward spiral the economy seems to be on.  They all need to take blame and work together to help the economy recover, but this is Washington and fat chance of that ever happening.  McCain and Palin are opting for pointing the finger mostly at Wall Street, the Democrats are blaming Bush policies and the American people who are caught up in the housing crisis are blaming predatory lending.  It’s not called predatory lending, its called getting into a house when you don’t have the money.  Just today after McCain said that the SEC head should be fired (which solves nothing) Obama responded with this:

“I think that’s all fine and good but here’s what I think.  In the next 47 days you can fire the whole trickle-down, on-your-own, look-the-other way crowd in Washington who has led us down this disastrous path. Don’t just get rid of one guy. Get rid of this administration. Get rid of this philosophy. Get rid of the do-nothing approach to our economic problem and put somebody in there who’s going to fight for you.”

So Obama has nothing to do with this economic crisis – nothing to take blame for?  He’s going to fight for you.  Hmm…that seems strange when considering that he is number two on the list of Congressmen who have received payoffs, I mean payouts, from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Obama also happens to be number two in donations from Lehman Brothers – Hmm.  I’m sure that didn’t affect his judgement.  I’m also pretty sure this is all the Bush Administrations fault since they head up the oversight committee on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac or wait, would the Chairman of HUD be Democrat Chris Dodd?  The same Chris Dodd who is ranked above Obama on that donation list from Fannie and Freddie, meaning he is number one.  And I’m thinking this whole idea of getting people who couldn’t afford homes into homes started back with Jimmy Carter when everybody wanted to be politically correct and not be thought of as racists.  Yeah, so let’s pin this squarely on the Republicans.  Now I know the Republicans are to blame here as well.  That’s why I’ve been calling for the whole lot of them to be thrown out for sometime. 

Since Obama is going to solve this whole problem perhaps he could ask Nancy Pelosi what in the hell she is doing by adjorning Congress right now.  Weren’t these losers just on break?  Does she have another book tour since the first one bit?  Maybe she has decided to be a better mother and hang out with her kids where women belong.  Or perhaps she agrees with Harry Reid who said, “No one knows what to do.”  They are hoping to not return to Congress after the election and just wait until next year.  Talk about leadership.  So let’s see, that’s nothing done for the energy crisis (except that little bill that gives the government all the money for oil and states nothing and allows drilling in all the areas with no oil) and nothing for the housing crisis and nothing for the economic crisis.  At least they got some post offices named.


10 responses to “Obama Points Finger At Everybody But Himself On Economic Crisis

  1. hmmm…..looks like your a nativist…..look it up


  2. Hmm..what makes you think I need to look up a word like nativist? I’ve heard it thrown my way a time or two, along with xenophobe and racist. No, I’m not a “nativist”, but I am for citizens of this country. I have no problem with immigrants because obviously my ancestors were. I do have a problem with illegal immigration though. And I especially have a problem with those illegals getting my tax money for housing, health care, etc.

  3. hmmm… I guess when an American is unabashedly pro-American, espouses conservative values, and has the audacity to point out the deceit, hypocrisy, and ineptness of politicians – particularly those who lean liberally left – then she’s a nativist? Well, dammit, I guess I’m a nativist then, too. Just don’t tell my wife, who’s a German national, or my sister-in-law, who is from Korea, or my mother, who is also German but was born in Czechoslavakia. A few years ago I found out that I was a neocon. What a revelation that was. Honestly, I rather liked that label though. I like the sound of it. It reminds me of intestinal fortitude and tenaciousness, ya know what I mean. I’ve come up with a similar word for liberal Democrats – ‘novadem’. New Democrat. Sort of sounds like a birth control pill or an anti-depressant or something like that, doesn’t it?

  4. well thats much better of an answer then a lot of other people would say…but I’ll guess I’ll shut up and let other readers stay on topic here.

  5. John – Novadem, I like it! It’s better than some other words that I could come up with – ahem.

  6. I don’t know if you’ve read this, but I’m posting it for other commenters to read, too, because it presents a pretty straightforward analysis of this mess: http://ibdeditorial.com/IBDArticles.aspx?id=306370789279709 (from Investors Business Daily, The Real Culprits in this Meltdown.) You nailed it already. I just wish people (okay, socialists like Obama) would stop blaming capitalism. Talk about naive.

  7. And now I’ve been called a sexually inadequate piece of white trash by some hissing scurrilous shrew in Canada named Heather Mallick. She probably considers any man to be unsatisfying and sexually inadequate, Republican or not, if he doesn’t use some kind of gasoline-powered contraption with a pull starter on when having sex with her. In this neck of the woods we use those kinds of devices and machinery for splitting wood, plowing, and driving fence posts in the ground. Enough said about that sniggering snobbish skunk.

  8. dang…there went another trillion dollars. Think that’s just a drop in the bucket? Well, I don’t know. I can’t quite wrap my mind around what a trillion dollars is. Let’s see…I’ll try converting dollars into seconds…hmmm, how did that go…maybe e=mc²…hell, I don’t know. Oh, I got it now. One trillion seconds is about 3, 169 years, or a mere 317 centuries. Hee hee…no problem. We’ll just collect about 3, 340 dollars from each person in the country and that ought to cover it with a couple of billion left over. Nothing that a little fuzzy math can’t fix. Can’t wait to see how that’s going to fit into either of the presidential contender’s tax plans. I think if I was Obama or McCain I’d just let the other guy have the job or see if I could could get this election postponed for a year or two.

  9. I’m telling you, John, I don’t know why anybody would want to be president right now. What I think is funny is this is a crisis that really has been going on since The Great Depression, but the most current stuff has been going on for years. And they think they can solve it in a week!? Everybody was cheering that the stock market looks like it just had a little hiccup – yeah, as long as you don’t count the four bailouts in the past week and a half.

  10. Lindy, thanks for the article. I had heard about it on the radio, but I forgot where it was from. That Investor’s Business Daily really comes up with some great stuff!

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