I Thought Barack Obama Was Going To Be Different

As this campaign grinds down to its final days, Barack Obama continues to lose footing in the polls and has had to resort to the old way of running a campaign.  He continuously accuses McCain of Republican attack tactics and yet he is doing the same from his side.  Such political ads as wondering why McCain can’t remember how many houses he has and accusing him of being out of touch because he can’t work a computer and needs help to send emails (couldn’t be those old war injuries or anything?) just make us all weary of the game.  And they serve as reminders that the only thing Obama plans to change is our way of life as Americans, not Washington.  Now Obama has devolved all the way to continuously accusing McCain and Palin of being liars.  Pretty harsh word and one that you better be able to back up.  His camp released this yesterday:

“Since naming Gov. Palin as their vice presidential nominee, the McCain campaign has distorted, distracted and outright lied to the American people about her record in a desperate attempt to hide the fact that a McCain/Palin administration would be nothing more than a continuation of the failed Bush policies of the last eight years.”

First of all, we have to believe that George Bush has been a complete failure.  He has screwed up and at times left me, as a conservative, cold, but we have not been attacked again and that has taken some doing.  Without security in this nation issues like education and the economy mean nothing.  Without freedom, I’d rather die and George Bush has maintained that fairly well.  I disdain the Patriot Act, but keep in mind the Democrats have been for it too.  Obama’s change for this country means a march towards Marxism.  As a matter of fact, what scares me most about Obama is that some of his ideas don’t just mirror Marxism, they almost create a new dynamic.  A new kind of Marxism.  A new kind of Facism.  A kind of government that a new generation can readily embrace because they don’t have the bad track record to look back on.  His new way could lead to that great white hope.  For those of us who know better, we realize what that “new” way will lead to and it is destruction.

For me, this campaign has really lead me to search to my core values.  I was so torn because McCain has pissed me off alot in the past.  But our country has boxed itself in with a two party system.  I had decided to vote independent because I wanted to vote for something instead of against.  As this campaign rolled on long enough to reveal the true nature of Obama, I found myself really considering McCain again because I know Obama is not just a mistake for America, but a destroyer of America.  I really truly fear an Obama presidency.  Not in the snarky Hollywood way (like Matt Damon with his comments about Gov. Palin) but because of the ideas he puts forward and the possibility of those ideas going forward unchecked.  You see, we have a Congress that is on his side and may grow so Democratic that Republicans couldn’t even philibuster.  And there will probably be a need for two more Supreme Court justices.  Under this Congress and Obama we would see all three branches of government lean left.  And left is death for America.  The Constitution would be even more forgotten and we would become something else. Thankfully, McCain picked Gov. Palin because it has made my decision easier.  I have hope again.  That is something Obama has promised, but will never deliver.


9 responses to “I Thought Barack Obama Was Going To Be Different

  1. DOes not matter, Msnbc is campaigning for the Obama Team everyone knows that,
    but it does not matter, if she has a agenda or not one thing for sure Obama does not have one, and he has less experience than than Palin,

    Obama is riding on the bubba Vote, just like Dick Armie meet the press,
    Obama getting the BUbba vote, in other words black people and many others are going to vote for Obama no matter what, even tho he has no agenda,
    and he wants more, of the same voter, Obama wants any vote he can get, 75% bubba Voter,
    Me I feel the same way, THey should be able to vote for everyone they want,
    it their right,

    I Voted Hillary , but now McCain,
    Now I am Voting strictly for Palin,
    A woman , Pretty , Sexy, more experience than Obama ,
    I am hot for Teacher,

    If we can train and give Obama on the job Training just like Joe Biden said, then we can train
    A woman who looks HOT,

    And on the other subject, Bias
    Media, Fox is Favors to the right but over all THe balance is very fair, I never use to watch Fox every until this elec

    Does anyone in here really believe, in this Kieth Oberman insanity,
    His days are numbers on Msnbc, Bias,, then he got upset, during the republican convention, when they showed, 911, footage,
    But Msnbc thru is his face, and then 09/11/08 Msnbc did show mostly the same footage McCain showed,
    HMMMMM talk about throwing it in his face,
    Now you know why they kicke them out of the coverage,
    Now kieth Oberman, is going to sunday night Football,
    Now he going to screw that up,,

    tion, Because CNN & Msnbc is on barack Obama Payroll,
    They are upfront campaigning for the barack Obama Team, Obama TOld Last week CNN & Msnbc, to go after
    Palin, they are on the Obama Payroll to change history,

  2. Sarah Palin’s understanding of the Bush Doctrine is not only correct, it manifests a depth of understanding that none on the media and even many conservatives fail to appreciate. For an analysis, see http://fightingsmears.blogspot.com/2008/09/bush-doctrine-was-charlie-gibson-wrong.html
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  3. if you are going to accuse obama of marxism or fascism accuse him of one or the other. Marxism and fascism are generally recognized as being opposing extremes.
    What is wrong with having to change the way we as Americans live? Most people have come to recognize that the way Americans have lived is unsustainable and has caused a lot of harm in the developing world. So if you think that the way you live should stay the same and you deserve the best then you should look outside your narrow world and realize how selfish that is.

  4. James, if you read what I wrote then you would know that I believe Obama has a whole new type of government planned and it most definately could include both Fascism and Marxism. You have your dictator (Obama) fascillitating the state running everything. This would make a grand type of New World Order don’t you think? Then the whole world wouldn’t “hate” us and “love” us. How much money have we spread around this world and you say we harm developing countries?! How many businesses have we shipped overseas to these countries? I thought that was one of the liberals’ complaints. I can’t believe you don’t see what would be wrong with changing what America has been and should be.

  5. McCain and Our Lady Palin are leading in the polls so Keith Overbite and Chris Matthews must not have helped the lame duck in spite of the 24/7 SUCKFEST. The people of this country will decide this election, not MSNBC nor CNN, nor Hollyweird, and I believe in the American people. Most of them know Nobama is a empty suit with muslim and radical leanings as witnessed by his radical friends and past associations. No wonder he’s against the Patriot Act and wants to get rid of Gitmo. Then his liberal judges can put them back on the streets or the battlefield to kill Americans. This marxist commie is dangerous and I beg you America, don’t give him power over our country.

  6. Leave my comment alone. It’s my comment ! Who are you to censor a person’s freedom of speech. Oh I get it, another Obama hack, huh?

  7. pmicsky – thanks for your comments. I’m wondering if your second comment was meant for someone else? Comments have to go through my moderation, not so I can censor opinions, I just don’t want a bunch of cursing.

  8. Ha ha…now that was funny. No, pmicsky…lol…dsgawrsh, the writer of this blog, is definitely not an Obama hack.

  9. Hey sweetie — I think Barack Husein Obama the Most Merciful, is getting desperate — they have no comments of substance and so must resort to pettiness and mud slinging. He’s scared and rightfully so — we have Palin now and I’m so jazzed I can’t stand it. What a breath of fresh air and plenty experienced — I think the way the media have treated her is abysmal — she has so much more experience than Hitlery or Obama rama lama ding dong combined — I hope she kicks butt and takes names! Hugs, Linda

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