Barack Obama And Karl Marx On Education

Here is Barack Obama’s education policy from his website:  (As usual, my comments are in blue.)

Early Childhood Education

  • Zero to Five Plan: Obama’s comprehensive “Zero to Five” plan will provide critical support to young children and their parents. Unlike other early childhood education plans, Obama’s plan places key emphasis at early care and education for infants, which is essential for children to be ready to enter kindergarten. Obama will create Early Learning Challenge Grants to promote state “zero to five” efforts and help states move toward voluntary, universal pre-school.

Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto: “Demand for universal and gratuitous education.  But, you will say, we destroy the most hallowed of relations when we replace home education with social.”  That universal word Obama throws around for everything scares the Hell out of me.  How are we paying for this?  Do we want the government to have access to children’s brains from birth?

  • Expand Early Head Start and Head Start: Obama will quadruple Early Head Start, increase Head Start funding and improve quality for both.
  • Affordable, High-Quality Child Care: Obama will also provide affordable and high-quality child care to ease the burden on working families.

Again, how is he paying for this people?  He’s not raising our taxes supposedly, but adding on huge programs.  Show us the money, Obama.  And again, the emphasis on having these little brains as early as possible.


  • Reform No Child Left Behind: Obama will reform NCLB, which starts by funding the law. Obama believes teachers should not be forced to spend the academic year preparing students to fill in bubbles on standardized tests. He will improve the assessments used to track student progress to measure readiness for college and the workplace and improve student learning in a timely, individualized manner. Obama will also improve NCLB’s accountability system so that we are supporting schools that need improvement, rather than punishing them.
  • Make Math and Science Education a National Priority: Obama will recruit math and science degree graduates to the teaching profession and will support efforts to help these teachers learn from professionals in the field. He will also work to ensure that all children have access to a strong science curriculum at all grade levels. How in the Hell?  This guy really is a miracle worker.  Does that mean cutting more of the physical education and arts programs?
  • Address the Dropout Crisis: Obama will address the dropout crisis by passing his legislation to provide funding to school districts to invest in intervention strategies in middle school – strategies such as personal academic plans, teaching teams, parent involvement, mentoring, intensive reading and math instruction, and extended learning time. He does realize that parental involvement is the main problem here and that these parents can’t be made to care.  Does he also think about the multi-cultures we have here that value pregnant girls living on welfare more than educating them?
  • Expand High-Quality Afterschool Opportunities: Obama will double funding for the main federal support for afterschool programs, the 21st Century Learning Centers program, to serve one million more children. Double-funding?!
  • Expand Summer Learning Opportunities: Obama’s “STEP UP” plan addresses the achievement gap by supporting summer learning opportunities for disadvantaged children through partnerships between local schools and community organizations.
  • Support College Outreach Programs: Obama supports outreach programs like GEAR UP, TRIO and Upward Bound to encourage more young people from low-income families to consider and prepare for college.
  • Support English Language Learners: Obama supports transitional bilingual education and will help Limited English Proficient students get ahead by holding schools accountable for making sure these students complete school. Limited English Proficient students?!  Ha Ha!  Do they come from undocumented immigrant workers doing jobs we won’t?  I love the P.C.!  Schools will be accountable because illegals are coming here and expecting them to educate their Spanish speaking kid?

Recruit, Prepare, Retain, and Reward America’s Teachers

  • Recruit Teachers: Obama will create new Teacher Service Scholarships that will cover four years of undergraduate or two years of graduate teacher education, including high-quality alternative programs for mid-career recruits in exchange for teaching for at least four years in a high-need field or location.
  • Prepare Teachers: Obama will require all schools of education to be accredited. He will also create a voluntary national performance assessment so we can be sure that every new educator is trained and ready to walk into the classroom and start teaching effectively. Obama will also create Teacher Residency Programs that will supply 30,000 exceptionally well-prepared recruits to high-need schools.
  • Retain Teachers: To support our teachers, Obama’s plan will expand mentoring programs that pair experienced teachers with new recruits. He will also provide incentives to give teachers paid common planning time so they can collaborate to share best practices.
  • Reward Teachers: Obama will promote new and innovative ways to increase teacher pay that are developed with teachers, not imposed on them. Districts will be able to design programs that reward accomplished educators who serve as a mentor to new teachers with a salary increase. Districts can reward teachers who work in underserved places like rural areas and inner cities. And if teachers consistently excel in the classroom, that work can be valued and rewarded as well.

Obama does realize that there is a teacher’s union, right?  They aren’t all that powerful, right?  He’ll be able to implement this stuff with no problem.

Higher Education

  • Create the American Opportunity Tax Credit: Obama will make college affordable for all Americans by creating a new American Opportunity Tax Credit. This universal and fully refundable credit will ensure that the first $4,000 of a college education is completely free for most Americans, and will cover two-thirds the cost of tuition at the average public college or university and make community college tuition completely free for most students. Obama will also ensure that the tax credit is available to families at the time of enrollment by using prior year’s tax data to deliver the credit when tuition is due. Community college free?!  Again – how the Hell???  And now he is going to tell colleges what they can charge and it doesn’t look like much.  This guy is a miracle worker!
  • Simplify the Application Process for Financial Aid: Obama will streamline the financial aid process by eliminating the current federal financial aid application and enabling families to apply simply by checking a box on their tax form, authorizing their tax information to be used, and eliminating the need for a separate application.

Karl Marx said, “People would need a long period of re-education under socialism to condition them away from the selfish orientation produced by capitalism and toward the wider perspective necessary to creat communism.”  This is why it is imperative that Obama gets your children from birth.  Your children are already indoctrinated in public schools from Kindergarten through college.  They must think it isn’t enough since we haven’t fully moved there yet.  These young people following after Barack like puppies are exactly what he wants.  The Communist Manifesto recommended free education for all children in public schools so that the ruling class couldn’t influence education – just the Communists.  It all sounds so nice on the surface, but when you dig you see sinister influences and as I asked over and over – where is all the money coming from this?  And isn’t it a great idea to give the government more education responsibilities since they have done so well up until now?


4 responses to “Barack Obama And Karl Marx On Education

  1. whats wrong with affordable childcare that helps out working parents?
    and which ‘multicultures’ value pregnant teens living off welfare rather than educating them?

  2. James, did you really ask that question? If I have to explain it then I know you are already on the “socialism is grand” wagon. Because we all have to pay for that “affordable” childcare. How else does the government make something “affordable”. The government should have nothing to do with it.

    I didn’t want to have to say specifically “Hispanic” cultures, but I have had good friends in the teaching profession who fought to keep these girls in school to no avail. The parents wanted them home caring for younger siblings and rushed them off to marriages and prenancy which is what they value.

  3. Have you seen this picture

    they are from page and free to use

    the one I listed was so appropriate for this entry

  4. Yo no estoy de acuerdo

    Are you telling me that in this country all the illegals are coming from the South of the border? What about Asia, Europe, etc. And, do you think that your jobs are taken just in the Agriculture field? Open your eyes and mind americans.

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