If Only Obama Would Think Before He Speaks

Not having that teleprompter is really hurting Obama.  I’ve enjoyed watching Bill O’Reilly’s interviews with Obama although I believe that O’Reilly has been a bit struck by the Obama star.  Just tonight, O’Reilly asked Obama about his connections to Bill Ayers.  Obama gave his standard, “I was 8 years old when the Weather Underground was doing its bombing.”  Obama continued by wondering how he could be associated with a guy who just happened to be working on the same projects as him with the mayor of Chicago.  O’Reilly blew it!  He never once asked about the fact that Obama announced and started his campaign at Bill Ayers’ home.  Sounds like more than just a “we’re on the same board” thing.  The most revealing thing though with this ignorant answer from Obama is the way he dismisses the terrorist activities of Bill Ayers because it happened sp long ago.  Hell, let John Hinkley out of the crazy joint because that attempted assassination was so long ago.  This is the kind of judgement this man has.  At least O’Reilly pointed out that Obama’s associations show a pattern of bad judgements.

This weekend in Terre Haute, Indiana Obama was giving a stump speech and pointed out that McCain had stolen his “change” theme.  As if the term “change” has not been used by every candidate since the beginning of the country.  And one of the reasons that McCain does not represent change, according to Obama, is the fact that he has lobbyists on his campaign staff.  Hmm…umm Mr. Obama, who is Steve Hilderbrand or Teal Baker or Brandon Hurlbut or Emmett Beliveau?  They wouldn’t be people who acted as lobbyists that received payment from your campaign for services or anything?  This man is such a joke!  And then he has the gall to say that the Republicans must think the American people are stupid.  Actually, Obama is the one who believes that the people are stupid little sheep who won’t recognize Socialism and Marxism when they are staring it in the face and that these people won’t notice that he continually flip flops daily on everything whether it be our success in Iraq, drilling for oil or not repealing the tax cuts and just letting them expire.  He also said that he wants to leave the next generation a more unified and prosperous country which he will do if he becomes president.  Obama, your tax plans and economic plans will leave us anything but prosperous and unified!?  That is just a joke because this country is split down the middle and you certainly contribute to that split.  Aren’t you the one dealing in race baiting and class warfare?

And finally we have this precious little comment that he made when speaking of habeus corpus for terrorists, “We may think this is Muhammad the terrorist. It might be Muhammad the cab driver. You may think it’s Barack the bomb-thrower. But it might be Barack, the guy running for president.”  Hmm…must have gotten this idea from Biden who said that you have to be an Indian to enter a 7-11 or Dunkin Donuts in Vermont.  So cab drivers are all Muslim or vice versa?  And is that, all Muslims are terrorists or is it all terrorists are Muslims?  Obviously, I know what Obama was getting at, but I’m suppose to believe this is a Harvard educated guy.  I’m really beginning to wonder about Harvard because this guy is so much more than an empty suit – he appears to be an empty head too.


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