Who Doesn’t Love Sarah Palin Now!?

I love this woman!  She came out and knocked the pants off of everybody and knocked Obama off his self-built elitist pedastal – loved her little line about Obama having to pack up his styrofoam columns and take them back to Hollywood.  I loved the fact that she had notes up there at the podium with her despite knowing the elite and Obama-loving media will put her down for it.  Go ahead, media, keep it up.  You’ll just rouse the troops even more.  This woman is like us and we love her for it.  Sarah Palin was no-nonsense and spoke directly to the American people as if she was sitting across from us at the dinner table.  I actually believe a politician now when I am promised something.  She has reformed Alaska and she is going to do her best to reform Washington.  I bet Nancy Pelosi is just fuming on her leather couch there in San Francisco cursing the fact that she didn’t have to fear that Hillary Clinton would be queen bee, but that Sarah Palin will now be queen bee.  The kind of bee that leads a hive instead of leaving it stagnant.  Sarah Palin leads a state that gives her a 87% approval rating, while Pelosi leads a Congress with a 9% approval rating.  Who do you want in charge of the Congress, America – someone like Biden who will bring more of the same or a real person of change, Sarah Palin?

Despite the fact that the past week must have been a whirlwind for the Palin family, they all looked great tonight and I really enjoyed watching the youngest daughter getting into the moment telling her siblings to stand up when Sarah was introducing them.  And of course there was sweet little Trig who Cindy McCain held for a good part of the evening.  This is the American family that the media has laid bare for us in hopes of diminishing them, but it didn’t work.  We hoid them dear because they are just like us with struggles we all face.  The media has no other choice but to attack them because an Obama/Biden ticket doesn’t hold a candle to a McCain/Palin ticket.

So let’s get to the juicy parts of the speech.  Some were ruined ahead of time because the media just had to scoop them and so Fox News revealed some of them before the speech.  Shame on the media again.  I’m disappointed in Fox because they took the real zing out of some of the zingers.  One of those zingers was this:

“I had the privilege of living most of my life in a small town,” she said. “Before I became governor of the great state of Alaska, I was mayor of my hometown. And since our opponents in this presidential election seem to look down on that experience, let me explain to them what the job involves. I guess, I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a community organizer, except that you have actual responsibilities.”

And there was this one-liner referring back to Obama’s “secret” comments about us bitter Americans:  “We prefer candidates who don’t talk about us one way in Scranton and the other way in San Francisco.”  Sarah hasn’t been a part of Washington and that is so refreshing.  She herself even said,  “I’m not a member of the permanent political establishment. And I’ve learned quickly, these last few days, that if you’re not a member in good standing of the Washington elite, then some in the media consider a candidate unqualified for that reason alone.  But … here’s a little news flash for those reporters and commentators: I’m not going to Washington to seek their good opinion — I’m going to Washington to serve the people of this country.” 

Our founding fathers were made of the same stuff.  They were not career politicians more concerned with re-election.  They cared about the people.  They were the voice of the people.  As Sarah reminded us over and over again, the liberals want to take more of our money away and make the government bigger.  That ultimately takes away our freedom.  She wants families to have more of their money, the freedom to choose what schools educate our children and the freedom to be the best America we can be.

One of Obama’s themes besides “change” has been “hope”.  We’ve seen where the hope will come from and that is from a ticket that has Palin on it.  I have hope again that America can continue to be the great country she is and become even better.  I have hope that my freedom won’t be taken away.  I have hope that Washington will change.  My faith has been restored.  I know that McCain and Palin are not miracle workers.  These changes are going to take time and cooperation.  We the people will have to support them by sending more people to Washington that will do the right thing – the things that the Constitution dictates.  We must sacrifice to get off of foreign oil.  If we all work together then true change can start and if we do things right it will continue.  But if we continue to let the Hollywood elite and the media dictate who should run the country and tell us what opinions we should have and if people decide to let the government do for them rather than people getting up and doing the work themselves we will continue to be entrenched.  If we let liberals take over the three levels of government, then we might as well get out our red flags now because we will become a Fascist country.

So Sarah Palin didn’t screw up like the media had hoped.  She wasn’t as eloquent as Obama can be with a teleprompter or as rousing, but she gave us straight talk.  She was honest and gregarious.  And for her first time before a national audience and under the pressure of giving probably the most important vice-presidential acceptance speech ever, she did fantastic and I couldn’t be prouder!  Bravo, Sarah!



15 responses to “Who Doesn’t Love Sarah Palin Now!?

  1. there is no way sarah palin is going to help McCain in this election. the only thing she’ll change is the sex appeal believe or not. sarah didnt harm Obama’s approval ratings. it just helped him gather more of the female voteres who dont believe in her values. feminist believe in PRO-CHOICE and not having the choice to have a child or not is like saying B*!#h you cant vote cause you have a vagina!

  2. Really? She already has because I am only one of several people that I know personally who had no interest in McCain until she was on the ticket. Those approval ratings you spoke of must be poll numbers which mean exactly nothing, not to mention they reflect his convention bump. Let’s see those numbers next week. Especially after O’Reilly puts him on the hotseat tomorrow sans teleprompter. Feminists also can be pro-life because I am and I am. (Psst…I’m gay too, what a shocker for your theories, eh?)

  3. evanleon is absolutely right.

    And Palin’s speech was the weakest and most superficial speech I ever heard. I am not for Obama either. But the Republicans are desperate to “celebrate” something and need an excuse to sound “positive.” Unfortunately, the superficiality is very obvious!


  4. Superficial? It was packed with truth and remarks that were “biting” because they shined light on Obama’s weaknesses. How can someone speaking genuiningly about family and their career be superficial? No deperation here – it’s the liberals who are obviously desperate. That’s why the media has attacked her family and her so rigorously.

  5. I Love this lady, She speaks from her heart and Knowledge, She has done her homework. I think she will bring back to Washington what needs to be brought back. She is for our Country and is a fighter.

    About her daughter’s pregnancy. Well those things happen here and everywhere. Does anyone remember what it is like to be caught up in the moment? I bet you do? So Please don’t bagger her because of something her daughter did, I am sure her daughter did not go out and say hey lets get pregnant.

    Go Sarah, I will Back you 100%

  6. No, evanleon is wrong and so are you atw. Of course she will attract more women voters, both those who agree with her conservative values and many who don’t necessarily agree with every position she has taken. I do not agree with one hundred percent of the positions taken by Senator McCain or Governor Palin but I give them one hundred percent of my support, in the form of my campaigning efforts as well as my vote because at this point in the game it is the only wise choice. To do otherwise would be tantamount to casting my pearls to swine.

    Superficial? atw, you must be new. Weak? Maybe you didn’t hear the speech. Governor Palin overcame the the obstacle of coming across in a superficial way with genuine and bona fide truth and facts. She did without using a bunch of ritualistic anaphora and antiphon so much used by Obama and the preacher from whom he learned it. Ii think you might have intended to use a different word instead of superficial. Here are some suggested words I think more appropriately describes Governor Palin’s speech; superb, supercharged, supereminent, superduper. That’s probably what you meant, isn’t it? You just couldn’t bring yourself to say it. Instead you simply did the same thing the media and left-wing bloggers have done. You superficially attack her. PLEASE, enough of you people’s sour grapes.

  7. I hear the sounds of Democrat teeth-grinding and gnashing everywhere – and it seemed that some of the network talking heads post-Palin’s speech last night were a little stunned at her ability to deliver. I heard most of it on AM as I was driving home from work but was able to catch the tail end on TV – it was a massive hit out of the ballpark … McCain had my vote anyway, but I have a skip in my step now!

  8. I am a registered Independent New Yorker, and a 54 year old very traditional stay-at-home mother of five (now grown) children, grandmother of two (my grandson was born out of wedlock to one of my daughters) and I LOVE SARAH PALIN!!! I had no real interest in either candidate, they both seem so ‘Washington’ to me, neither one shared my views or beliefs, and then in steps a breath of fresh air! Sarah has carried herself with grace and courage amid a media smear campaign, having just given birth to her fifth child a few months ago, coping with raising a disabled child, coping with a teenage pregnancy, governing Alaska (with good ratings!), and now running for VP (talk about multi-tasking!), and she handles it all in a cool, calm, collected, poised, articulate fashion. I never heard her whine once about the unfair treatment (in my opinion and I’m sure hers) she’s getting and I don’t know many men who could handle this situation as well as she is. She shows us that she can stay cool under intense pressure.
    Sarah Palin is my heroine and I’m not alone. My entire family (all 82 of us, men and women) only wish the ticket were Palin/McCain!

  9. Checkmate. Game over. The only thing Democrats can do now is start planning for 2012.

  10. Eileen, I agree with the Palin/McCain ticket order. I actually am thinking of altering a bumper stick to be like: McCain? Palin! ’08. Don’t worry, she’ll get her chance next time. Then she’ll have plenty of that experience that the Dems are crying about.

  11. Great post!!! I came across this just googling “Sarah Palin”! I am so excited about McCain’s choice as well and I agree with everything you’ve said! She has added a lot to this race and her accomplishments and resume way outdoes Obama’s. Actions speak louder than words!

    McCain/Palin is no doubt the ticket!! I’ve been contributing to the blogoshpere as well with all that has gone one. Until Sarah Palin jumped on board- there was hardly, if any excitement and energy among the republicans. Now, you can’t shut us up! haha My blog is …


  12. Now That's Change!

    First of all, let’s call her by her official name…Governor Palin.
    I believe that Governor Palin is just what this country needs. She is a straight talker who is for the people and not just another politician who say he/she is for the people.

    I like it that she doesn’t back down and speaks her mind and not some mumbo jumbo to look good in the polls.

    What’s all this about lack of experience because she was ‘only’ a mayor and governor? The libs didn’t seem to mind that Bill Clinton was ONLY a governor when he was elected. What foreign policy experience did he have?

    Palin is just the right ticket for McCain. This decision will just about ensure that we will have history made…the oldest person ever elected president AND the first woman elected to a major political office-the Vice President……and president in 2012….Wow……

  13. I love how you people can get tricked by a chick in a skirt. “I love how she had notes..” from great leaders like the founding fathers to people who can’t conduct a 5 minute speech without notes. Soon we will be following the golden cow. By the way your Not Yours picture…stupid

  14. Hey Ben, did you notice that when Obama was answering the charges that he called Sarah Palin a pig, he was reading notes off the podium in front of him. Forget about a 5 minute speech, Obama can’t talk around an apology without having the talking points of his puppet masters. What – he couldn’t remember the word “swift boat”? Ha Ha! And thanks for the intelligent comment on my Not Yours picture.

  15. random person in nj

    What an amazing woman. Facing a tough election, the media interrupting her life, a teenage pregnancy, a disabled child, all with confidence and integrity. I love Sarah and John and I pray that they win this November!

    McCain/Palin ’08

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