McCain Chooses Right And Obama Cries

I was going crazy being away from my computer this weekend because I had gone away to my cousin’s wedding.  Running from one flight to the next I noticed that CNN was reporting who John McCain chose as his VP running mate.  I let out a whoop when I saw that he chose the person I had blogged right here just a few days ago that he should choose.  I was shocked that he really did it and pulled it off, but I was not surprised.  I laughed as I listened to the CNN reporters running around frantically trying to figure out who Sarah Palin was.  And I laughed even more as for the hour that I was able to watch, there was a little blip about Obama’s “big” speech.  What perfect timing.  Whoever coached McCain on this one should get an award or something.  Perfect timing with the perfect pick.  Obama’s speech hoopla went down in smoke in less than 12 hours.  And then Palin came out and knocked the socks off of everybody.  The final nail in Obama’s speech’s coffin is Gustav.  Talk about a news cycle that isn’t working for him.  He’s finished.

And poor Joe Biden has to stand next to this striking woman who is just as intelligent as she is beautiful.  And she is tough as nails.  She’s going to pull Hillary’s supporters in and McCain’s conservative base will shore up as well.  And for conservatives like me, who have been dead set against McCain, my mind has been changed and barring anything significant, I will be pulling the lever for the McCain/Palin ticket.  And no, I won’t be praying that McCain gets laid up and needs to turn the reins over to her.  I think she’ll help keep him honest though for us conservatives.

And forget about the experience angle.  She still has more experience than Obama because she has executive experience running a city and a state.  And she pushes through significant bills and laws and gets things done.  Whereas, Obama votes present and hasn’t introduced any significant legislation.  So even though Obama complimented the pick as historic as well, he and Biden were really crying inside because they know it is over for them.


7 responses to “McCain Chooses Right And Obama Cries

  1. selfproclaimedpundits

    Ummmm….any true Hillary supporter would NEVER vote for Palin…it was a ridiculous statement by her and by you. You (and Palin, as she insinuated in her speech) are sadly extremely confused and very mistaken. Do you (and Palin and McCain for that matter) really think that American women and especially Hillary Clinton supporters are so simple-minded that they will vote for Palin just because she’s a woman? You must think that… because the politics between Palin and Clinton couldn’t be further apart on the political spectrum. She showed me with that statement that she’s not at all intelligent. She doesn’t hold a candle to Hillary Clinton and HER very real political and personal experience….not even a flicker of a flame.

  2. Our family is having these EXACT same conversations! In fact, Palin was announced as the VP pick on my birthday – and what a great gift it was!! 😉

  3. selfproclaimedpundit – yes, I do believe that some women will vote McCain/Palin because there is a woman on the ticket. Just as I believe that some supporters of Hillary supported her just because she was a woman. I also believe the same thing about some of Obama’s supporters – that they are voting for him just because he is black. It would be naive to think any other way. And I think Hillary Clinton doesn’t hold a candle to her – it’s all about perspective.

  4. selfproclaimedpundits


    She holds a candle by doing what?!? Being govenor for not even two years of a state that has less than half of the people of the CITY I live in? Come on! I could buy it if she were the govenor of a state with more than a million people in it….maybe….at least I’d feel like she had a few more people in her political network if she needed them if she were the govenor in any of the other states (except maybe Hawaii….it’s pretty remote too). I’m all for women in politics and even though I wouldn’t vote for a republican…ever…it’s still wonderful to see a woman in that role.

    HOWEVER, the woman must be qualified. Sarah Palin didn’t even know what a vice president does not even a month before accepting McCain’s offer. And it’s unfortunate that she made it public knowledge that she didn’t know in an interview she did with CNBC. If you happened to miss that interview, you can see it on my blog or you can just do a simple internet search for “what does a vice president do”….you’ll find plenty of copies of the interview as well as commentary.

    In my opinion, there were a lot more qualified republican women for McCain to choose from. I’m sorry that you don’t agree and fully respect your opinion, but I truly feel McCain chose her BECAUSE of her lack of experience and knowledge. He wants someone that will be dependent on him, that he can mold and that needs him to show her the way. And God help America if they get elected and McCain passes away! I can’t even bear to fully think out the repercussions!

    I do agree with your opinion that there will be some women that vote for her because she’s a woman too just as the same will happen with some people that vote for Obama. It’s unfortunate that that’s the case. I don’t for a minute believe that TRUE Clinton supporters….the ones that know her politics and appreciate her politics and believe that she really did have the answers for a better America would ever vote for Palin….ever.

  5. Yes, but talk about true change and getting someone from outside the usual political arena. I understand that there is some experience that she will need to gain and she will have plenty to learn from. There will be McCain and whoever he chooses as his administration. She’s not stupid or gullible, so she will not just walk lock step behind him. As an example she’s for drilling in ANWR while McCain is not. Also keep in mind that she is not top of the ticket like Obama who has spent almost more time running for president than being in Congress so inexperience is not really a good reason to not support her to me. And as we saw with President Bush and all the presidents before him – whoever is in charge rises to the occassion whatever the crisis may be. Lincoln wasn’t experienced with Civil Wars. Bush wasn’t ready for a 9/11. My complaints about Obama have never been about his inexperience. The thing that is important to me is how people feel about freedom and the Constitution and Sarah Palin is right there.

  6. Sarah Palin is an embarrassment to America. Her statement to boycott Oprah is only one example of where she is socially/emotionally—still the popular child demanding that things go her way or she will pack up her toys and go home. Well bye-bye….you little bully.

  7. lol the dude who wrote this article is fucking mind-warped

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