Senator John McCain Should Pick Woman As VP

This is the moment.  A great opportunity has presented itself to McCain and I can only hope he decides to shock the heck out of everyone.  There is one sure fire way to put the final nail in Obama’s campaign and get Hillary’s supporters: Choose a woman as his running mate.  And there are two great women out there.  The first is Carly Fiorina who had been CEO at Hewlett Packard and presently works as an advisor to John McCain and is a Fox News Contributor.  She sounds great, looks great and is a tough talker.  She would thrash foot-in-mouth-Biden anyday.  And my personal choice would be Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin.  She is a great conservative so would win the base.  She is pushing through more drilling in her state, got more natural gas pumping, eats moose burgers, rides snowmobiles and is a card carrying NRA member.  I might just consider voting for McCain if he went down this road.  And that is saying alot for Constitution-lovin’ me.


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