Obama’s DNC Stage: Presumptive Or Godlike?

So I’m not sure what to make of this.  Reuters is reporting that the stage being built inside of Invesco Field for Barack Obama’s acceptance speech resembles a Greek Temple.  The stage does appear to have elaborate faux marble pillars rising from it and it does appear to look like Greek architecture.  But it also appears to resemble the architecture of Washington D.C. to me, more specifically the White House.  So I guess Obama has all his bases covered.  He can appeal to his disciples who look at him as their messiah and he can also tell the rest of us that he might as well move into the White House now because he’s got this thing wrapped up.  Shhh…no one tell him that he has yet to get a bump from this convention and that in some polls McCain is winning.

And the theme for the evening will be the same tired “Change We Can Believe In”.  If only Barack would tell us what that means.  Surely even the liberals are tired of this empty, uninspiring slogan.


8 responses to “Obama’s DNC Stage: Presumptive Or Godlike?

  1. Let’s see.. Greece is the home of the modern Democracy and there are numerous monuments with columns in the US (Lincoln and Jefferson), and the US Capitol is also festooned with columnar work.

    So one wonders why this is a big deal.

    Especially since the 2008 VA GOP convention used it. Additionally the 2004 RNC used similar symbolism AND included crosses on the podiums.

  2. It’s not necessarily a big deal. I would just think the Obama campaign would want to steer clear of emphasizing what his critics claim – that he is a cult of personality whom many consider their “messiah”.

  3. That’s cool. Personally, with all the blogs mentioning this, it just seems like it’s being misinterpreted and blown completely out of proportion.

  4. Oh. My. God. How dare Sen. Obama use a decorative theme for his stage that is remeniscent of nearly every Federal Building/Monument in Washington D.C…

    Idiot Trolls will be the death of us all.

  5. Cmon people! George Bush and many other presidential candidates have had a washington backdrop for there acceptance speech. If anything it wasn’t him who chose it, it was a DNC stagecraft team!

  6. I’m guessing it’s supposed to be the Lincoln Monument, since today is the 45th anniversary of the MLK I have a dream speech, delivered on those steps.

  7. I had heard they wanted the stage to resemble the Lincoln Monument. As if Obama resembles anything that Martin Luther King, Jr. stood for – Ha Ha! I also heard that the guy who has designed stages for Britney Spears designed this one. One more gaffe for the Obama camp. Way to distance themselves from McCain’s celebrity commercials.

  8. ridiculous criticism….it’s all they have!

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