Hillary Clinton Does Her Duty

I was hoping for some grand scheme that had gone on behind the scenes where Hillary comes out on the stage and says she is still in this thing and everybody has a chance to get rid of their “buyer’s remorse” and switch back to her with no hard feelings.  Last night Hillary showed why she should be the Democrats choice for at least vice president.  So I ask myself, “What is in it for her to back Obama?”  Is it a future promise to pay off her debt which Obama hasn’t done yet?  Is it a cabinet position?  Is it trying to look like the good gal so that she can run again in four years when Obama loses?  I can’t put my finger on it.

The real question that mattered last night though is in doing her duty, did Hillary convince her supporters?  The jury is still out (especially when hearing the standing ovation that erupted for her and lasted several minutes) but listening to one of her top fundraisers last night on Fox News with Greta Van Sustren leads me to believe they are unconvinced.  This woman claims to still be undecided.  I have a feeling that is how many of them feel based on the demonstrations going on outside the Pepsi Center.  And I am unconvinced that Hillary meant what she said about Obama last night.  Terry McCauliffe, her campaign head, told Greta that the ads McCain is running with Hillary saying that McCain has experience while Obama has a speech are unimportant because those comments took place during the primaries.  He said Hillary thinks any Democrat is better than McCain.  So I guess we should believe she lied?  Well, I don’t think Hillary was lying, she was stating a clear fact.  And deep down I know she must want McCain to win so she can run in four years rather than eight.

Hillary did make sure to hold to the party’s platform of a move to Socialism and sob story after sob story trying to convince us all how horrible this country is and how they are going to fix it – although the proof they offer of that is getting nothing done and horrible approval ratings even though they run the Congress. 

Thus a lackluster DNC Convention continues, But good ole Billy is speaking tonight so things could get interesting.  I hope so because it’s hard to stay awake through this stuff here on the east coast.


2 responses to “Hillary Clinton Does Her Duty

  1. There was also some level of support that Hillary could have asked her supporters for and didn’t – I can’t recall the term… but it was basically a directive of sorts where she could have, in essence, forced the votes to Obama… and she didn’t go there. She stopped short of that final announcement/pronouncement and some commentators were saying last night that the Obama camp is mighty irritated about that.

  2. And, Cory, she absolutely did not say that Obama was ready to be president. She’s got something up her sleeve…

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